Opinion required on Alico Ski march Boots for Arctic use


Has any one any opinion or thoughts, or tips on the performance of Alico Ski March boots for use in the Arctic. They dont appear to have goretex linings, but they wouldnt be much use below -20 any way.

Would I be better off using my usual LOWA mountain boots with a separate goretex sock to suppliment the goretex boot lining?

Its my first time going up there, so any general opinions or suggestions would be welcome.
Are you going to be on skis? If so you're going to need ski boots, be it issued or bought. The issued ski march boots should see you right, they're a 100% improvement on the old ski march boots anyway. Goretex isn't that much of a biggy as you ought to get issued berghaus gaiters. If it stays below -5 or so then goretex is a waste of time anyway.

If it's Norway you're coming to, don't be too disapointed if the weather varies between -10 and +5.
If you getting issued the army planks, stick with the new Ski March boots. They are pretty good, although I had trouble breaking them in. The Berghaus Gaiters should see you right, I wouldn't bother with gore-tex inserts, you'll probably end up with you feet in rag order.

If you want civvy kit, suggest the Lowa's or Altbergs, as long as they've got the lip on the front for the ski bindings. IIRC, the yeti gaiter works well with the Alterg boots, but the lads used to suggest Danner boots with Yeti's.

Really depends on what suits your feet, but I would avoid using anything else inside your boots.

Alico's are %100 improvement on the old set. So much so I borrowed a pair on a permanent basis and had the pleasure of using them this weekend. Use the Berghaus gaiters properly, if you have a problem with the toe cap staying on Superglue it before you leave.

Or try sticking the Yetis on with Klister or evo stick and you can take off if needed, It ranks as one of the nightmare jobs so do it indoors with relaxing music on!! However if done correctly pays dividend.

Rember the old chefs ski march boots with hose tops V poor most bought Lundhags foot freezers that were so soft and expensive. The new alicos are the dogs bollocks although still swear by a pair of trial ski march scarpas that HQ & Squids QMs Ack is still looking for whooops!

Gore tex sox overrated get some decent innersoles!

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