Opinion on Clerk or Medic role in TA

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Leenie, Nov 29, 2011.

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  1. Hi,

    I am intrested in peoples opinion on the roles of being a medic or Clerk in the TA, what people think of them? if its a good role?

  2. I would suggest you don't do either unless you have at least some martial arts training.
  3. OMG Leenie, quite possibly the most vague and useless question ever! How can complete strangers who have no knowledge of you or your circumstances and have not served in the capacity of a medic and a clerk be able to give you a useful answer? Now, perhaps if you were to indicate a little about yourself, your background and your educaton etc, advise us what exactly you want to get out of the TA and had actually asked about what the roles entail as opposed to our opinions on whether they were "good" or not, then, and only then, are you likely to get a constructive answer.

    Care to try again?

  4. Medic = Being put in charge of the med pack and stretcher on the range, but don't ever, ever, ever think you would actually be allowed to use it, anybody hurt would much rather wait for a proper paramedic to turn up who doesn't have to mong about flipping through their first aid memoire. You will also be resented and hated for pulling the old "I'm a medic so will sit in this wagon and watch all you poor ***** tab it out on a cft, just in case. Oh and please can I get a pass for my bounty Mr PTI as I'm a medic and had to sit the wagon watching you lads, just in case.

    Clerk = Chief brew maker for the psao, and you will get his gash jobs that he doesn't want to do. Plus on exercise you get to be the OC's sleeping bag warmer.

    Just my opinion you understand though.
  5. Apologies A im fairly new to how to make a post and was just looking for information on the roles from people that may be doing them and actually asked on peoples opinion of the roles I think you should note my question did not in anyway state that i wanted to do either of the roles and that I wanted peoples opinion if I should join as either role, my question just stated for peoples opinion on the role!
    But to give you more about myself for your opinion on the roles and if I may be suited to them I am a young female. Have experience in working with children and youth and I am currently working in an office environment focusing on admin and legal work.
    Education wise I did well in my GSCE’s.
    As what id like to get out of the TA, I was interested in joining as means to keeping fit, meeting new people and gaining new skills and experiences, to challenge myself, for the opportunities that come with it.
    Does this help you at all?!?!
  6. Thanks system-switch what role would you recommend for a female in the TA?
  7. Haha i do Muay Thai
  8. Depending what type of unit you want to join, do what you want, personally I would avoid any role that has you anywhere near the head sheds as you will just be used as a brew bitch (regardless of sex). We had a fair few females in my old mob and most were weapon system operators. Again it depends on what sort of unit you are looking to join.
  9. ^As SS said, depends on unit your after.. You sound like your joining 4 Yorks and have limited yourself to their roles for women.
  10. Nope im bored now.
  11. On a typical training night our medic can be found sat on her arse in her med office drinking brews. Whereas our clerk can be found sat in the admin office on her arse drinking brews. On a training weekend they both generally sit in the back of the ambulance on their arses drinking brews.

    Serious answer- medic has more potential to do warry stuff but I think (happy to be corrected) that the majority of those who get to do so are already civvy paramedics/nurses etc.
  12. I'm in a good mood so I'll try and help. First of all though, if you don't know what you want to get out of the TA then all the advice in the world won't help.

    Clerk - spend your time working on admin procedures the 1950s rejected as obsolete, permanent brew bitch and a chance of improper advances from balding men going through a mid-life crisis.

    Medic - recent changes in clinical governance and all that mean that you are unlikely to ever be trusted to do anything remotely medically related unless you are already qualified through your civvy job. In addition to sitting in jack wagons there are opportunities to put tents up and down.

    Frankly if you consider either of them seriously you're obviously one of those females who giggle "but I'm only a girl" from time to time. Look at the TA website and find a proper job, one that involves actually doing something. You've already had other suggestions in the thread you started about units near to you.

    And the best way to get a feel for the unit is to get over there and have a chat.
  13. I got roped into being a Clerk. Found some of the training useful; such as a bit more knowledge of the different roles are in Regiments, etc and more importantly pay and allowances.

    Found that the Civilian Staff did the majority of the work and that left me and the other Clerks fighting over what was left. Usually typing or photocopying. Also found that most training weekends are designed for the main body of the unit and not the attached personnel (Clerks, Medics & Chefs). REME are unique as they are a full unit.

    I'm now badged Artillery and haven't looked back.

    Please note that this only my experience.
  14. Go somewhere that excepts everyone regardless of sex and somewhere that you'll get something useful out of it considering the state of the country as it is at the minute.

    REME is all well and good but unfortunatley unless you're shit hot at engineering/mechanical stuff you've no chance.

    Try the logistic corp 1st. We've got REME, RAMC, and AGC attached to us so you could join as a driver, chef, storebitch, rad op etc etc and then transfer to one of the others once you've got your 'usefull' civvie quals. Nearest RLC unit to you is in Leeds but if you're willing to travel i'd recommed 219 Sqn in Donny. Its bigger and better and more people means more chance to do some quality training. 28 minutes on the train or an hour straight down the A19.
  15. Have you considered your local TA field hospital? You have the chance to medic and clerk jobs there as well as some RLC jobs pretty much all of which are open to males and females.