Operators trades amalgamation

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by polar, Feb 5, 2005.

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  1. Heard AS and RS Ops are to merge into one operator trade within the year, with much of the current content in the AS and RS courses being split out into seperate modules.
    Sounds a little too sensible to me? :twisted:
  2. Sensible ? Sounds like a bad idea to me. All this means you will have a lot of mediocre people operating the kit with no real depth of experience at a time when the equipment is becoming more complicated/intricate.
  3. Yeah, I saw a paper on this last week. The overall aim will be to have one operator and one Tech trade. This isnt due in for quite some time though. It coincides with FALCON and BOWMAN being the main assets within the Corps (and we all know how well they are going!!!!). So this may happen in around 6-10 years!!!
  4. The Phrase "Jack of all trades master of none" springs to mind.
  5. Bring back RTG's. No MUF too tough! :wink:

  6. No point in splitting the AS and RS modules. Spend longer on training them for both. It may not seem cost effective but it worked for RTGs.

    The longer the training and the longer the time spent in practice and confirmation the better the trained operator at the end.

    But..... and a big BUT, you need to ensure the training is adequate. No 40% pass mark or simple assessments. Test at a minimum of 60%. Fail and be back squaded.
  7. Ghost_Rider wrote

    Jack of all trades, master of communications.

    Put that to the vote and I'll vote for it!!!

    Bring back the Gods trade!!!
  8. RTGs...............Rag Tag Gimps!

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  9. Reckon it depends on how the module element is implmented, obviously you'll need to attend certain modules depending on your employment but I'd expect getting your class 2 depends on how many modules you have completed - same for your class 1.
    Suppose YoS will have to have attained X amount of modules before you can enter the course, which could have the benefit that that potential YoS gains more experience in differing areas and doesn't just do the other trade during their YoS course
  10. Polar and all
    Can see the point if this idea goes ahead. Course loading has a hard enough time getting personnel who have passed their class 1 entrance test onto their class 1 course, The amalgimation of RS Op and AS Op, as previously stated, has been done before with Sys Op and RR Op, the end result is a trade who is not totally efficient with diverstiy of systems. Produce a trades person as a RS/As Op then And it will be extremely difficult to manage that soldiers trade. With all the current ongoing tasks it would be hard to give the soldier the diverstiy in skill that they need to evolve in their present unit and move on to their next job (which could be totally different 3 years down the line).

    Those who apply for selection as Potential YofS (notice i used YofS and Not YoS) would have had to have spent their career, so far, in a flexible role, where they were employed from the beginning of their career building up to the YofS role. We all know that this is hard to achieve. Plus few know early on that this is their chosen career path. (Polar how much experience do you have of the Reg YofS training environment?). I would like to say you have a sound base on your statement. However where do your think this trg would be implemented before the YofS course, or on the YofS course and at which point? We all know the YofS course already goes beyond trade trg and into management, staff work, Defence Writing, Ops, Planning, etc. You have created a good thread. If the amalgamation of trades does occur, I believe IMHO that the trg of the YofS of the future would remain as demanding as ever, with even more trade gaps to fill prior to the course.
  11. Was thinking of the system used in 12 Sig Grp for YofS(V), you obtain a Class 1 in any of the operator trades and then obtain a class 2 in another, then you do the other elements on the actual YofS course.

    The other TA brigade converted Tele Op(Data, Radio and RTG) into one trade but I don't think its working too well. The brighter operators are fine but we have a largish element that aren't upto it (training was to quick/complex for them).
  12. polar wrote

    Sounds like a pretty good idea to me. So good, in fact, you'll never get the smack heads from on high to implement it!!!

    Wasn't just the TA that attempted to amalgamate lots of operator trades. The regulars tried to combine RTG/TGs with Radio Ops. Result, lots of intelligent people who could do so much sat in mundane jobs, and the thick radio ops clogging up the training courses because they needed bringing up to speed, where as the TG's simply downgraded!!!

    I don't think the data bops ever merged successfully either, although most joined the Sys op roster.

    How would the dual trading work though? Special courses or would they have to join a *SBR course with the scrotes?
  13. Could be a answer to the discipline problems discussed on this thread

    Anyone think the number of modules could indicate if your high or low pay band. Say if you struggle(/below average pass) on the easy 'XYZ' module your sent to a unit to brush up on those skills, whilst the the remainder continue onto harder 'ABC' course coming out on high pay band. Suppose it'd be difficult to implement and would be seen as an attempt to re-introduce RTG etc. On the plus side your not wasting effort training someone before they're ready, for jobs they'd never do cause when they get to a unit they'd be employed on the less skilled dets anyway.
  14. I think the idea is to train a basic Op or Tech and then give them specific training prior to being posted to any given unit.

    So all Operators would do a basic course of core operator skills and then (dependent on which unit they were posted to) would complete a Bowman, Falcon, SATCOM course etc. Arguably this would mean people were better prepared for each unit.

  15. In a perfect world that would make sense, what however if you left that unit on promotion and got posted to another as a lance jack expected to be a det commander and having to learn the kit. Even the most motivated of operators would take a few weeks to get to grips with an entire new system. Where would you get your operators with 8 or 9 years experience in whatever role who have a hell of a lot of knowledge to pass onto the young siggies. Is there anything worng with what we have now, if it aint broke dont fix it and all that.