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Operators should be low band.

Is the author of this using the same pc as the 'Real Soldiers' write up ?

All siggies are low band, regardless of trade , you only get your high band when you get your first banana.

When you hit ssgt you drop to low band again. Staffies run a troop , with a lot of expensive kit in it , a bit more responsibility than a line store or whatever and they get on with it. They got graded without someone there to fight the corner of Royal Signals Ssgts (someone correct me if I'm wrong) and got put in the same financial grading as an infantry CSgt who ends up normally just running a CQMS or something.

The only Sigs SSgts on high band are those in supervisor roles.

If you're so unhappy that the 'less technical operators' are on high band, answers easy , retrade.... either that or vote with your feet about your displeasure and get out find a job in fleet management or something, they pay starting 25-30k plus if you look on Monster jobs

Personally I don't give a monkeys , I'm off to roll around on my pile of over inflated operator pay slips , I'm scared to drop my purse , or as BBJP used to say it would be 'Surfs up in Japan' 8)

How is the original poster gaugeing his "more technical" status when compared to operators?

I would say that some ops are less technical, but some are far more technical than the cable monkeys.
Please indulge us as to how the Inst Techs do a more technical job than the Operators? If its really getting to you stop moaning, jump on the bandwagon and retrade!!
I'm sure that all the operators at 660 sig tp and past operators from there know that the job there is far more technical than any cable monkey job
Haha I'm an sigs operator RE and I'm on high band.

Perhaps its somthing to do with hours we work on tour/exercise? Operators work up to 12 hour shifts, not so sure about installation techs.
Driver Binmen are now called Techs...................... Now I have heard it all. Christ it was bad enough having these arguments with RTG's, but now the Lineys want a piece..........

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