operators, (all types) are they worth it??

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by easy-wan-kenobi, Jun 24, 2006.

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  1. its going to happen eventually.

    come on techs do your worst!

    backbone of the corps, dashingly handsome, armoured and wheeled gurus, got the best looking birds, can speak fluent batco, they remodel train stations in the area of heat retention in thier lunch hour, scales walls, crushes ice in thier bare hands etc etc

    is that enough for a bite??

  2. Not really.

    In answer are they worth it?

    Not at the present time. They will be worth it when they have all been amalgamated in to one trade that will be referred to as "Tech's Bitches" they will drive the vehicles around, which contains the equipment and put up the tents that will house the staff using said equipment.

    All technical tasks will be carried out by IS Engrs and SysTechEngrs.

    Eventually the AFPRB will release the operators do nothing and put them on to the lower pay band. They will also realise that the RSigs Engrs trades do loads, and so will award them Engr pay to bump up their (already) massive pay packets. This will cause even more jealousy in the Corps' against the real powerhouses of the Corps.

    Obviously Ops are the backbone of the Corps', specifically the Cocyx, mean while higher up the backbone the Techs are so handsome it hurts to look at them, don't need armour 'cos we're 'ard as fook we are, always get the goers (looks will fade but an ass that wont quit goes on for ever), we have online translators, jump over walls (usually in a single bound) and we just melt ice with our laser death ray eyes (why do you think training is so long, we have to recover from the surger, and the glasses we wear merely protect youfrom our gaze).
  3. Which sad deluded tech weasel wrote this?
    Surely you meant 'laser breath and tired eyes' and 'techs cant fight as they all have sore arrses as the relay ops have kicked them so hard' and the only thing harder than armour is massive armour i.e. an AS90 is hard as you can get. ETC...ETC...
  4. I'll give you a clue :D

    Look at to the top left of the post.

    I would say the only thing harder than armour is AP rounds. AS90 isn't particularly better armoured than smaller armour to be honest. Chally on the other hand.
  5. Chally's r only harder when they have that snazzy stuff fitted. But the target aquisition system is definately awesome.
  6. I think you are thinking about Warrior in regards to snazzy stuff, not aware of much that is added to chally. Never got much of a play with the Chally two, but it is certainly better than chally.

    Ahhh, the memories. Once sat on the turret of a chally waiting for a go in the turret. WHen it fired it took the air out of your lungs!!!
  7. The add on armour system.
  8. not seen it.
  9. Well old chap, you'll have to go to Fally, find a Chally and ask some Scots bastard about it.
  10. Bit far for me to go fally.

    Never liked going when i was just around the range road. Although I do recall the REME Bn had an really good PRI.
  11. ewk, you've obviously gone fishing today.

    Alright I'll take the bait, with modern CIS/ICS techs aren't needed (cause we send all faulty kit back to the manufacturers), EDs are needed cause we still need someone to drive the trucks, IS Eng = someone who can follow a on screen wizard.

    Operators the only trade that the corps really needs

    p.s. we need some good eye candy in the corps and the RS Ops trade delivers
  12. What did you have for breakfast this morning polar crack?
  13. Ha.... but no, the corps needs operators otherwise I'll loose my civvy(/TA?) job
  14. i am living proof of this. :)

    i am actually shocked that my real name hasnt come up on the hottest man in the corps thread, internet must be down back at my unit then.
  15. The hottest man in the Corps must be a Relay OP, all muscle and sweat.

    Im waiting for it!