I am 22 and thinking about joining up in the intelligence corps namely operator military intelligence. can anyone give me a decent overview on the job and the roles I am likely to undertake if I were to 'go for it'.

I have never considered the Int corps so I really don't have a clue.
A few things I would like to know....

Is there combat involved?
Is it seen as a more highly regarded role as opposed to an infantry soldier (no offence meant, I have fam and best mates in that role)

Wah shield up.
Ask your recruiter.
Wah shield down
Suggested reading list. James Bond, anything by Andy McBlab...
In that case, you need to go to an AFCO and get a visit to a relevant unit.
The briefest of overviews, the job basically entails making sense of intelligence gathered by the various units, whose job it is to gather int. Very little combat involved, more sitting in a sterile area, analysing photos, maps etc, etc. There is scope to qualify in languages and also the opportunity to travel, as I believe, most British embassys have an Int bloke kicking around. If it was me, having my time again, I wouldn't do it, there's better jobs in the military you can do. I used to recruit, and I can't ever remember sending anyone to that trade. Have a decent look around, as I've been out for a couple of years, so I'm hardly current, but hope it's accurate enough to help.

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