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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by dennis10, Jan 28, 2009.

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  1. can anyone tell what a day in the life of an operator military intelligence is like.

  2. 7a.m alarm goes off, first ciggy of the day.
    7.15 Cuppa tea.
    7.30 shower.
    7.45 Chose what to wear.
    8.00 Poached eggs on toast followed by pancakes and syrup.
    8.30 Take dog for a stroll.
    9.00 Chat with lads about exploits down the "dog n duck" last night
    1030. Stand easy
    11.00 Swap photos gleaned from latest "readers wives" magazines.
    12.00 Luncheon.
    12.30 Snooze
    1.30 Watch latest episode of "Neighbours"
    2.00 Planning meeting with lads reference tonight's exploits down the "dog n duck"
    3.00 Egyptian PT.
    4.00 Chose clothing for tonight's exploits.
    4.30 Start exploit.

    Hope this helps.
  3. don't worry dennis, everyone goes through the "should i be an armourer" stage before they join the Intelligence Corps ;)

    p.s. you could have written this for OPMI: "ive been looking at the blogs for info and have come to the conclusion that OPMIs do two things:
    1)do intelligence
    2)watch porn.
  4. ARRSE, what happend to the 0700 wake up, pour a whiskey then light ciggy or has Germany changed that much!

    eeee I remember the good old dark room at Soest, what a wonderful place to sleep off the previous nights exploits!

    Seriously Dennis it does depend on where you are, what job you are doing/tasks in hand. Variety is the spice of life and there will be plenty both work wise and porn.
  5. I did, during A3..........................................I didnt like Genforce.
  6. what tasks can i expect if i did join as an operator military intelligence. is it like office work, working on computers etc.
  7. If by working on computers you mean looking at porn.....
  8. is watching porn all that soldiers do all day. then again, if the taliban were allowed to look at porn then maybe they wouldnt be so fcuking angry
  9. should have joined earlier when we had real enemy orbats to play with then :)
  10. Oh Lord, it's flashback time ..... Tk Regt in Tk Div, Tk Regt in MR Div, Motor Rifle troops, knowing all Red Army ranks but being a bit hazy on the British Army, CRP, Vanguard Coy, OMGs, Desants, wooly pullies, 8 guns per Bty in wartime, brand new LCps sh!t hot on enemy kit but can't recognise a 432, the SMG and the Black Watch being overrun 2/3 of the way through the A3 exercise, Scud ! ENDEX !

    And I'm spent.
  11. Ouch! :D
  12. Dont have a dog, will it be issued after Phase 2 or do I have to buy my own???
  13. If only you knew how close to the truth you are with this one ! :lol:
  14. Use your initiative man, take the dog back to the "dog n duck", where you found her last night. :D
  15. I deliberately changed the time for security reasons.... :p