hey first post here, i just did all the tests today in the afco and got the sheet with all the jobs on it. i was having a look at the job now i came to this one and it sounded somthing i would enjoy doing. ive read the bit on the army jobs website but just a quick question, do these guys much time out in the feild or is it all work behind a desk and computer?

thanks for you help in advance :)


depends, if you do human intelligence your out in the field, my careers advisor said its "the closest to james bond the army gets" but theres another area (forgot the name) that is behind a desk.


I'd also like to know this - this is what I have in my mind, but the wiki page on here slags op intel! I don't want to be sat behind a ******* machine all day - I do that now, and I hate it!


guys/gals, go to the Int Corps forum near the bottom of the forums list and post your questions in the recruiting stickies.

and if you believe what you read on the Arrsepedia... you should probably go and join the frigging monkeys instead :)
The humint lot that work round the corner from me all sit in a boring office, behind their PCs. But they do have some nice 42" gucci plasma TVs on the wall :)
Douthy said:
"the closest to james bond the army gets" .

Ha. Yeah. Says a lot. Although what he's probably talking about isn't only open to Int Corps troops.

The bread and butter of the job is behind a desk or in an Int Cell, more or less. But there are other fields you can specialise in. Some gucci ones at that.

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