Operator military intelligence Info? HELP PLEASE

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Valdentia, Jul 5, 2009.

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  1. Umm well I have selected this as my top job I'd like to go for along with Geographic technician. In the uncoming icebreaker i need to say why OPMI. But I'm alittle stuck. I was offered all jobs and these 2 just sounded the best. OPMI just seemed exciting and such....But for the icebreaker i can't just say this so could any1 help me out with this. I know its on a higher rate of pay also. Thanks..

    Oh and how long exactly is the Further training. In the sheet of info I got it says its at Chicksands but not how long....It goes onto say there's a 1 week adventurous training and a 4 week military training and cadre course. I read on wikipedia its 27 weeks, if thats right would 27 weeks include the 5 weeks of those 2 things I just mentioned?
  2. There are alot of pages and i've read alot but I really could do with some specific points for the icebreaker
  3. Its called analysis. 8O Go back and read the stickies on the Int Corps forum.
  4. i would suggest having a look at the waiting list for this trade, and how many people are applying. This seems to be one of the more popular jobs to apply for.

    Other than that they give you very little information about training etc due to the nature of the job.

    Good luck with your choices fella.
  5. Im not sure if there are recruiting anymore, we had a bloke at basic that wanted to transfer to that lot and he was told there were not taking anyone.
  6. I believe you will be looking at a start date well into 2010. This is the information I was given.
  7. Good luck to ya. Hope ya get to be the Secret Squirrel you long to be ;)
  8. When i was picking out my job choices i originally chose the Royal Artillery but then found out shortly before my final interview that they had ceased recruitment for a year or so. Part II of picking jobs i decided on Op Military Intelligence as #1, Plant Operator Mechainc, RE #2 and Air Despatcher, RLC #3.

    I was advised that the 'quicker' entry routes into the Army were Chef, Petroleum Op and Postal Courier all in RLC. All Artillery jobs had a year or so wait and most RE jobs went well in March '10. He didn't have an exact dates for most the jobs but did have two intake dates for Op Military Intelligence which are 24/08/09 and 10/01/10...that was as of three weeks or so ago. I have selection on the 16th July and if all goes well i will have another selection to get through before the next intake. However i am not sure about Phase 2 training as this might be where the wait is.
    We'll see.
  9. Hate to burst your bubble, but i got for Chicksands selection on Monday and I have had to wait nearly 3 months for this selection course, so just be prepared not to get in the August intake.
  10. Failing selection would burst my bubble, but if pass and a little waiting is required then it's not the end of the world...but thanks for the warning and good luck :D