Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by subbsonic, Jul 31, 2008.

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  1. There are a number of highly qualified operatives out there.

    I thought this thread might provide a useful platform for any wishing to keep in touch, or those seeking to offer employment to same.

    Here is a starter for 10
  2. Wow, I bet he's so hard he eats After Eights at half past seven.
  3. i don't know what's funnier. this:

    or all this:

    :D :D :D
  4. He wants to be giving back one his jubilee medals! I'm reminded again how much I hate the TA (and he was a monkey), although probably not as much as Squad 191 do..........
  5. He seems to have a lot of Google entries particularly with Sayres International. How does one man fit so much into one life?

    The front line police supervisor, actor, int specialist et al, would seem to me to have used up more time than might be feasible.

    Then his military career, int career, business career, he's been a busy lad hasn't he?

    Methinks a certain talent for self publicising is making itself known...
  6. he was SWAT you know, be careful lads!
  7. i'm glad he lists comedian amongst his talents, cos he is having a fucking laugh...
  8. After over 6 years in hiding I can now reveal my true identity as ......................OPERATIVEGENIUS!

    Operative, in my heart I know I truly, am not worthy and I could never get a job with Control Risk Group myself.

    Here is my humble offering
  9. Is this the same man - he was one of 'mine' at 3MI. WTF are you playing at Kevin?

    Checking out his bio - no wonder he was such a shrinking violet! I suppose the 22 he means is 22 Coy and not 22 SAS!

    Special Ops in 2003? Please tell me he wasn't 'Up the hill fm Umm Qasr in the 'compound' where nobody talked? Special Ops my arrse!
  10. Rebel - You know him so well!
  11. I'm lost for words... :?
  12. I wonder if I sent him my CV, would he re-write it (and perhaps add professional CV writer to his impressive repetoire!).

    Screw the disclosure cell, I'm going to Kev Cresswell !
  13. That's quite a CV.

    Was he the guy the South Park's team based the Gary Johnston character on for Team America; World Police?

    GJ: Derka derka, Muhammad jihad!
    Joe: I've never seen acting that good!
    Lisa: He's amazing.
  14. Nice to see you out of the closet. Or is it cupboard :wink:
  15. I too have suffered under this maniac. Does he have a habit of not keeping it in his pants?