Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by rebel_007, Sep 25, 2006.

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  1. Hi, going in the sigs

    On operations with the Army, one thing doesnt seem to add up.

    What do you do without

    sex (Women), drugs (Drink) and rock and roll (hobbies or sports) for 6 months ?
  2. I think your confusing the army with prison, i think your better suited to the latter
  3. h ha,

    very funny, at least in prison you dont have to do anything and you live in a free house.

    basically 6 months is a long time, what can you do ? is there a naffi on camp for a pint now and again, what about playing some sports to relieve the tension, or do you work shifts every day without fail.

    it seems impossible to work every day for 6 months.
  4. Women - fair amount of girls in the R Sigs mate, plus clerks, nurses etc.

    Drink - Depends on where you are, your boss etc. Some places were allowed 2 pints a night when I was in Iraq (dependant on work, of course), we were allowed two cans a week, some weren't allowed any.

    Hobbies/sports - we played sports on our down time - football mostly, with a bit of touch rugby and so on. Again depends on where you are, what you're doing and your CofC.

    As for hobbies, if you're off work, then you can do pretty much what you want in your room (within obvious reason)
  5. Birds - hardly any with the Inf but REMFs have loads though they are usually allocated very early on. Remember to bring a glove puppet!

    Beer - never a shortage when things were quiet (two can rule :wink: ) but when things hot up you tend to think of other things like food, water and not attracting incoming

    Sport - its not a feckin' holiday but usually a unit will organise a football match or something. Bods normally end up just going for a run or a small gym when time/alert state allows
  6. cheers.
  7. A crow worried about beer and birds on tour?

    You must know a fair few people in the Army, I was more concerned with what if we come under contact, what kit do I need to take etc etc
  8. NAAFI = Navy Army Air Force Institute.
  9. Purple_Flash

    Purple_Flash LE Moderator

    Depends where you are; if at the sharp end of the infantry's bayonet, the only cans you will be seeing for six months will be 107 mm in diameter, weigh in at 18.84 kilos, made in China and whistling when you hear them...

    Two cans indeed! :twisted:
  10. You have never:

    a. Been to war or a really busy tour or..
    b. Worked hard in you life.

    Has it not escaped your attention that no one on this forum has ever complained about having free time or not being able to fill it whilst on tour?
  11. in my free time it was mainly spent sleeping or robbing stuff from the spams.

    sex: rsigs birds usually only sleep with blokes other units. so it doesnt get awkward around camp after tour. some will sleep with anything with a pulse.

    beer, 2 cans a night. but if you wanna lose weight 6 months of sweating and no beer is good for it. besides what you gonna do if you do actually manage to get drunk?? bop in the disco??!

    rock n roll: hobbies and sports, whatever flicks your switch. sleeping and wanking came top of the list usually. get a big HDD and fill it with 250 gigs of everyone elses porn.