Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Willmark, Aug 10, 2010.

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  1. Hi all,

    can people in the intelligence corp get involved in the actual fighting as well as intelligence work? is it possible to physically get involved and go along with special forces or elite forces on missions?

    thanks for replies
  2. Targets up, in your own time carry on.
  3. andy mcnab was Int attached to the SAS
  4. Napoleon was int attached to SFSG.
  5. I was Int loosely attached to reality.
  6. Of course it is, join army, do SAS selection, pass various other tests and, if you're not dead or RTU'd you get to go on patrol with them. However, if you mean as a spotty Int Analyst the answer is no.
  7. I was INT CORPS and had operations on my knee, my eye and my hand.
  8. Yeah, but that geezer with specs on 'Bad Lads Army', he was Int Corps and I'm sure he was ex SAS, PARA, MARINE as well. Or maybe he was just a ****?
  9. Willmark
    Don't be put off by the fatuous comments above. As a Lance Corporal in the Intelligence Corps, more often than not you will be expected to lead a platoon in battle and as you progress onto Special Operations as a Corporal or Sergeant you can volunteer for Special Duties with MI5 and MI6, more often than not as a Sniper on Dirty Ops.

    Suggest You read TNCCNBWAKBSB which will give you some idea of these Black Ops
  10. Hmmmmm. ACAB I await answers to that one with interest.
  11. ACAB how can you make such assertions about an extremely popular Warrant Officer in our Corps - I'm told he was loved by all the girls (eventually) and allegedly helped them through their training for very little cost !
  12. This is true. I remember in Vietnam when I was a LCpl attached to the Baker Team - Delmore Barry got a bit wheezy from taking in too much Agent Orange and I had to take his placeon a job. Danforth stepped on a mine and there were pieces of him all over Johnny Rambo; he lost it completely so I had to go on relieve Khe Sanh on my own. Still have flashbacks even today, although I heard Johnny had a real hard time with some dip shit cop when he got back to the states.
  13. some enthusuiastic responses there, thanks to all involved. also, highlander, read "TNCCNBWAKBSB"? whats that?
  14. walt,rings a bell ,but you canalways change it by deed poll.
  15. HA!HA! Brillaint mate, I think your "war story" is more likley to be true than Highlander-spy's! Or Andy McKnob's Gulf 1 fanny.