Operations or back in the rear with the gear??

Which do you prefer?

  • Op Harmony is the way forward

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  • One tour per year is good

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  • Send me on tour permanently - I LOVE IT!!!!

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  • Never send me again - ITS SH*T

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  • Want to get on tour but they wont send me

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Ops seem to be coming thick and fat these days and the whole harmony thing seems to have pretty much gone out the window. But the question is do people relish the chance to get on more ops or does it have to much of an effect on the home life.

If the latter is the case should the pads have the ability to say no to op tours if they can find a replacement 'singlie', 'harbinger of death', 'scared of wife and needs to hide from the plate throwing' should they be allowed to swap???

I know some jobs back in the rear are full time and some are not so should they re-assess where the commitment should be placed????

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