Operations Manager- Fuels, Gatwick, £40k +

Operations Manager- Fuels
Gatwick Airport
Salary £40k + car+ Pension+ Bonus

Our client is seeking to recruit an Operations Manager with Mechanical Engineering experience based at Gatwick. This operation oversees the daily supply of 1.5 million tones of aviation Jet A-1 fuel through Gatwick Airport. Reporting to the Terminal Manager, The post holder will supervise the team of 2 Supervisors and 11 Aviation Operators who are responsible for tank farm and hydrant system operations. The ideal candidate will have fuels/ mechanical/ process engineering experience.

Key responsibilities / requirements will include:

• Ensure the delivery of the MAPP.
• Ensure the delivery of training and periodic assessment of competence.
• Ensure the equipment is maintained and controlled effectively.
• Ensure the equipment is operated within the defined limits.
• Implementation of the key risk control systems.
• Ensure the competence of employees and contractors.
• Organising the process of identifying major accident hazards and assessing associated risks during the life cycle of the installation.
• Facilitate effective communication within the operations and maintenance teams.
• Control of abnormal situations and mitigation of emergencies.
• Ensures that the operation of the fuel farm facilities, airport hydrant system are operated and maintained in accordance with recognised agreements and standards.
• Ensures compliance with the business principles for the management of HSS&E at Gatwick Airport.
• Ensures that engineering and maintenance works both in the tank farm and airport hydrant system are carried out safely, completed on time and within budget.
• Provides daily support for the needs of all administrative and operational duties required for the daily operations of facilities.
• Ensures that the Company, European Legislative standards and Gatwick Airport Ltd standards are applied and maintained at all times. This involves regular meetings with Company representatives and the airport authorities.
• Responsible for regular inspections of all facilities
• Involved in applying Company HR policies, employee relations and responsible for the recruitment of new operating staff.
• Assists with the preparation of budgets and the raising and issue of purchase orders to suppliers and contractors.
• Deputises in the absence of the Terminal Manager.

Qualifications and Experience

• A working knowledge of Aviation Operations and people management skills gained through operational experience.
• Demonstrable experience of Health, Safety & Environmental Management.
• Fuels Supply/Distribution Logistics, product handling and control.
• Depot Operations and Asset Management.
• HR & Interpersonal Skills
• Fuels Technical Services
• Project Management. Including Finance and Engineering – Knowledge

Please apply with CV and Cover letter to info@censuscontracting.com
Is this a pisstake?

Thought this post was coming up for Manchester


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This was advertised back in Feb 12 with a salary of 35k. At least they have upped that by 5k.

Personally I think the job is worth more than this. The level and spread of responsibility would suggest so. Any fuel qualified people out there, I'd negotiate on this one. On the original offer, after I commented, saying they were underpaying for this job, they came back and said this was base salary depending on experience.

The fact the post is still open 4 months later says a lot about the salary: too low.

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Salary is always negotiable so if you have good experience and the company feel you would be worth the extra investment you should be able to up the basic no problem.
I will submit interested candidates CV to the client.

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