Operations in Libya medal announced.

Discussion in 'Medals' started by Ventress, Feb 5, 2012.

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  1. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator


    It has been recommended that all UK personnel who have completed the necessary qualifying service in support of Op ELLAMY are to receive the NATO Operation UNIFIED PROTECTOR (OUP) Non-Article 5 Medal. This has still to be formally staffed through the Service Chiefs.

    Eligibility Criteria.

    SHAPE has confirmed the eligibility criteria for the NATO Non-Article V medal for OUP. In order to qualify personnel must have between 23 Mar – 31 Oct 11 completed 30 days’ continuous service or 60 days’ accumulated service under the following circumstances:

    (a) Those Forces under NATO command or control, or in support of NATO, whilst deployed in the Joint Operations Area (JOA).

    (b) Those Personnel serving exclusively on OUP, whether inside or outside the JOA, under the CJSOR and supported by a formal Transfer of Authority.

    (c) Those Alliance personnel serving exclusively on OUP duties in the three HQs supporting OUP: HQ CJTF OUP Naples, HQ MC OUP Naples and HQ CFAC OUP Poggio Renatico.

    (d) Those Alliance personnel deployed outside the JOA exclusively in support of OUP.
  2. ******* hell, I hope it comes out the same time the QDJM turns up. This medal mounting shit is getting pricey.
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  3. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    It might be one of those $hite NATO medals by the look of it.
  4. NATO medals have always been a bit of a joke. From how I read it, personnel can recieve a medal for staying in a hotel in Italy for 30 days. Almost all of the elegible (UK) personnel will undoubtedly be RAF.
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  5. Im sure we stop hearing about it either.... boring *****
  6. Let me guess. The ribband will be blue with white stripes and with a NATO star on the medal itself! Why no Libya OSM? There was one for the Congo.
  7. I ******* hope so, was it bollocks a 4 star.
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  8. And Scaleys. Loads from the NATO Sigs Bn stayed in a hotel on full Op Allowance
  9. X59

    X59 LE

    What ? Medal bores on ARRSE ?

    **** off .
  10. Not quite true only those in Libya, over Libya and floating around the coast of Libya got the bonus but before the outrage subsides, LSA, Field condition LOA and 30 Euros a day food allowance filled the gap nicely.
  11. United Kingdom nationals of Libyan descent were a regular feature on Sky News during the conflict. Many had left their jobs and their studies to return to Libya over the Summer to take part in the process of liberating their country. Yet, the media in the UK have ignored what has happened to them on their return to the UK.

    There is little doubt that those United Kingdom Nationals on operational deployment deserve the medal. English law has thrown up a paradox in the sense that United Kingdom nationals who are not members of HM Forces who participated in the same operation to achieve the same outcome have engaged in acts of 'terrorism'.

    This comes about by virtue of Section 1 Terrorism Act 2000 which broadly defines 'acts of terrorism' and applies it to those who engage in it abroad. This together with section 40(2) confers upon them for all time, the legal status of 'terrorist' in UK domestic law.

    Thus, the Libyan conflict throws up a complete absurdity in the following hypothetical scenario. The chap from Manchester serving with special forces acting as FAC passing a grid reference to a Tornado Aircraft supplied to him by a civilian student from Manchester who's mother and father were killed by Gadaffi while he was a student in England results in two very different outcomes for each man. The chap in Special Forces is awarded a medal while the Manchester student is arrested at Heathrow on his return and faces a maximum penalty of ten years imprisonment and a 'control order' on his release!

    Yet another issue our so-called 'free Press' have decided to ignore!
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  12. Is this a "hypothetical" situation you have thought up? Or something you know to have happened? Don't think anyone is in the slightest bit interested in arresting Libyans, besides there's no way to prove it.
  13. Unfortunately you are not correct. I'm sure that no-one here is interested in arresting Libyan nationals - except of course the British Government who arrested and subjected to a control order a Libyan national who belonged to a group whose purpose was the overthrow of the Gadaffi regime: R v F [2007] EWCA Crim 443 who is also, by virtue of section 1(1) and section 40(2) as interpreted by Collins J in CC v Commissioner of Police for the the Metropolis [2011] EWHC 3316 (Admin) a 'terrorist' and will remain so regardless of any conversion on the road to Damascus or change in personal circumstances. Moreover, British Nationals who were not, at the material time, members of the UK Armed Forces did take part in the fighting, several of whom confirmed their antecedents to television reporters on filmed interviews presently owned or controlled by the television companies who filmed them thus illustrating the complete idiocy of our current anti-terrorist legislation in which the rule of law has been substituted for prosecutorial discretion exercised within the boundaries of political expediency.
  14. You're right mate, and where/when the hell's the Congo anyway?

    Trouble is, with the new shite system for UK OSMs, there are only so many ribbon variations possible (only the outer 2 strips ever change).

    I love my NATO Article 5 Medal, for cruising the Greek islands in the RN, because it looks like the Nile Medal of 1798.
  15. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Iolis: "United Kingdom nationals of Libyan descent were a regular feature on Sky News during the conflict. Many had left their jobs and their studies to return to Libya over the Summer to take part in the process of liberating their country."

    Sorry, Iolis, if someone takes UK nationality Libya is NOT 'their country'.