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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by 8esar, Sep 25, 2003.

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  1. Can anybody tell me exactly what the Operational Welfare package should consist of? Is there a written set of rules which dictate what personnel deployed on Ops should expect to receive?

    I am interested in making a comparison between what we should be getting, and what we are getting, which is currently bugger all, and addressing the chain of command to get things put right. I need to have my facts straight first.


  2. I dont know what it is but id really like the following:
    40 inch tv
    weekly porn
    british lager/bitter
    more hookers
  3. The Operational Welfare Package is configured according to each operation (or exercise such as Saif Sareea). The scale of provision depends upon the size of the unit and its location. For example, a base unit such as a DOB or Fd Hosp will tend to be in a concentration area, and there will be satellite TV and internet and phone cabins. A smaller unit in the field will get TV/video/DVD and a portable phone.

    In general, it will include TV & video/DVD players and films, books (via Army Library Service), internet and weekly telephone time.

    OWP may also include in-theatre R&R.

    The G1 guys at JFLOGC will have the exact details. I will also try and get them from my own contacts and post them here.
  4. You shouldn't expect to receive anything. You should expect to work hard, and where possible try and make your life a little better by requesting through your chain of command some amenities that might better your existance whilst on operations.

    I can just imagine in the days of the cold war...

    "Right men the Red Army has swept through inner German border ..we are to deploy out comms assets in order to provide communications for the Corps as it counter attacks 16th Shock Army from the north....any questions?"

    "Sir just one, will we be getting Sky and a Gym and the daily papers in the Trunk Node location? If not should I write to my MP asking why?"

    8esar don't be upset with this response, I don't believe there is a set package that comes with Operational Welfare. If you ask you might get, but don't expect anything OWPs are not a right they are a nice to have if the cash is available to provide.
  5. Bowman,

    Ur saying a TN would deploy without sky TV, microwaves, fridge, playstations, etc? Never ever seen that happen.
  6. One of the reasons the OWP is provided is that it is seen as good for retention.

    I don't think anyone sensible sees it as an absolute right in the field. Most of the complaints about it come from the way it is managed. For example, some units get xyz and others get nothing, although this is sometimes due to COs who play the 'work hard and expect nothing' card (and then wonder why their soldiers sign off...).

    Also, the RLC QM types charged with distribution often seem to treat it as their own kit, which doesn't help.
  7. Thanks to all who replied. OK Bow_man, "expect to receive" was a bad choice of words on my part. A better choice of words may have been "what can i ask for and have a reasonable chance of receiving"!! Yes we all come on Ops and expect to work hard, which we are doing. And what i want to do is make "life a little better by requesting through your chain of command some amenities that might better your existance whilst on operations". But remember Bow_man, we are not in the cold war anymore, if we were i wouldnt be serving alongside the Polish, they would be shooting at me :wink: I'm just trying to do the best by the Lads I'm responsible for!!
  8. Been on Ops for 3 months now, cannot get any welfare kit. Yet an LO who has been out here only for a month, put in his order and within 2 weeks he has a sat dish, telly and a DVD player.
    Considering there is only 2 LO, yet I am running a 4 man det, where is the priority here
  9. Don't know wot you guys are on about - i'm currently on a NATO exercise - destination withheld. I'm stuck in a 5 star hotel and have to share a room with someone i don't even know!!! the other day, heaven forbid, the house keeping even forgot to turn down my bed and the complementary slippers and bathrobes weren't changed. wot is this world coming to. You lot think you have it hard???

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