Operational Welfare Kit

Does anyone know how this stuff is controlled. The lads in my unit think it's arrse that some units in Iraq seem to have lots of Internet computers and phones, not to mention a really large air conditioned gym, whilst others are told to go and queue up with the rest of the unfortunates and wait their turn. Those living in corimecs seem to have all the facilites, and those in tents have none. Worse than that, the arrse holes who've got the lot won't share it, saying "you can't come in here." Predictably, the people who control the kit have the largest provision themselves. Am I a lone voice in thinking this is jack?

Payback time since I've used this site for my own purposes a couple of times. There are a hundred and one reasons why a particular place may not get the complete set of OWP and the chain of command has to make the call based on the local situation. I have also suffered from the Jack - you can't use our OWP scenario (but don't forget that the numbers of terminals are based on the numbers stationed at a given location - or should be)).

I have sent the link to the OWP people up here and they will alert PJHQ. However, there is only so much the chain of command can do without knowing the specifics. You need to formally raise the issue with your chain of command - 99% of the time there is a reasonable explanation.

Hope this helps

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