Operational Welfare Fund For Families?

I've heard a rumour that there's an Operational Welfare Fund that can be utilised to gain stuff for families of deployed personnel. There's a small Unit where I work and a few of the lads have deployed leaving wives and kids behind - we'd like to make the 6 months a little more pleasant by applying to the Op Welfare Fund for some bits and pieces...if it exists!

Does anyone know about it?

Thanks guys.
Is this what you are after:
The Service Sound and Vision Corporation (SSVC)

SSVC Operational Welfare Fund

The SSVC Operational Welfare Fund has been established by The Services Sound and Vision Corporation (SSVC) to finance recreational and welfare amenities for members of the Armed Forces who are serving on operational deployments, are in isolated locations or living in arduous conditions. The following categories are currently eligible:
Units on operational deployments under the command of the Permanent Joint Headquarters, Northwood and Headquarters Northern Ireland.
British Army Training Unit Suffield and Wainwright.
British Military Garrison Brunei.
British Forces Falklands Islands.
BATSUB Belize.
BATLSK, Kenya.
HM Submarines on deployment.
Fishery Protection Vessels.
Ocean Survey Vessels.
Arctic Patrol Ships.
RAF Goose Bay.
British Detachments on UN peacekeeping duties.
British Army Training Teams.
A small proportion of funds may be available for other exceptional requirements. The total amount available for disbursement each year is limited, and - for guidance - the Trustees expect that bids might range from a few hundred pounds to several thousands.

Website: http://www.ssvc.co.uk/ssvc/welfare/welfare.htm
and on the above website:
Applications should be made through SO1 J1 Plans, PJHQ, Northwood (for operational deployments), to Chief J1 or the Personnel staffs of the parent Command as appropriate. They in turn should forward applications, with their recommendation and any extra comments to:

The Secretary
SSVC Welfare Fund
Chalfont Grove
Chalfont St Peter

Where speed is vital, a copy of the bid can be passed simultaneously to SSVC via fax, +44 (0) 1494 878008 or e-mail to maria.james@ssvc.com
... doesn't mention families though

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