Operational Wargaming--A New Take

Okay well the game has been out for a while but I only just recently broke down and purchased it, and am glad I did. "Airborne Assault: Highway to the Reich" is a really very interesting new approach to wargaming; the game is "realtime strategy" inasmuch as if you have it running at normal speed...a 2 day scenario will take 2 days to play. Given that many of the units are leg infantry and airborne, the game is not exactly a twitch-fest so characteristic of typical RTS games. Even the mech units move exceedingly slowly when tactical (as mech units are wont to do). Rather than being a turn-based game, this game runs in real time (or faster if you so choose) and the human player(s) are encouraged to rely on the AI of subordinate units. Line units are company-sized elements with the exception of certain platoon units (mortar plts, AT troops), and BN HQ's can typically be relied upon to take competent action in formulating attack or defense plans against various objectives, within the player's set parameters (defend road junction X from an attack from the SW, on a frontage of 1000 meters, position depth 600 meters, do it!). Subordinate units can be 'chopped' to the direct command of non-parent units (example would be chopping Regimental Engineer Co. to the direct command of a line BN HQ which is headed on a mission to secure a bridge rigged for demo), thus enabling the "temporary" HQ to command the new subordinate in formulating its mission orders. Likewise Arty batteris can be placed in direct support of various HQs for purposes of the mission. I've held off buying the game for years, but am glad I finally did. They've another more recent game out "Conquest of the Agean", dealing with the Airborne invasion of Crete and various other operations in the theater (Greece, I believe some Balkans ops) and I'm looking forward to that.

Meanwhile, I'm rather involved in exploration of the permutations had the 1st Airborne exercised the Dreelen option at Arnhem, 'scuse me....

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