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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by closethecelldoor, Oct 12, 2006.

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  1. :D
    Hello all. Im one of those ex regs who has joined the TA and enjoy it, apart from the want to be Napolians, (every unit has them). I m thinking of putting my name down for a tour of iraq or afganistan (ive been told they could misuse my trades overthere)(sorry been in this mans army for to long not to be sarcy). I know there is no longer any compulsary call ups for TA. But what I need to know is if I volunteer and the paperwork gets to my employer does it say I volunteered or does it just say Ive been called up. Basically I have a good civy job but I'm bored and itching to get back to having some fun. (plus I dont want hte wife to know ive volunterred). p :D :)
  2. Close the Cell Door I think not telling your wife you volunteered is a really bad idea.
  3. I'm pretty sure the paperwork is headed "Notice of Compulsory Mobilisation" even if you volunteer. So you should be covered from that angle. Does anyone know any different?
  4. you can mislead your employer mate, but not your mrs...
  5. Speak to your PSAO about it. A concept called “smart mobilisation” is used. i.e. they find out who is ready, willing and able before arranging for "volunteers" to be served a mobilisation notice which give both the individual and employer the necessary protection.
  6. 8)
    thanks for the info i was joking about not telling the wife. she knows as she is serving :twisted:
  7. Its true, it DEFINATELY says COMPULSORY Mobilisation on your form mate.
  8. Yes it does say Compulsory, but your employer will be informed by SABRE that you volunteered (and you had spoken to them and they agreed you could go. Oh B*gger! Not a very smart move if the Army wants more volunteers really.

    Hello left hand this is right over

    Atleast they won't tell your wife
  9. Exactly. Its nuts. I remember that nonsense when they made everyone confirm who they were working for etc etc. Bending over backwards to please the CBI. What about our rights as individuals ?

    Tell them you are self employed ??
  10. plus its almost inevitable that she will find out. This will cause an immense sense of humour failure, like mine had when she found out about TA pay and Bounties after approx 10 years in!
  11. Pretty good OPSEC tho, to last 10 years !!.

    How long did the marriage last after that ??
  12. Marriage is still going strong but the loss of all that "spare" cash was a terrible blow.
  13. Be very, very careful here. SABRE and others have publicised that fact that all mobilised soldiers are volunteers these days, notwithstanding the use of the compulsory mobilisation part of the 1996 RFA on the paperwork. (I know it's an "aspiration" but that forensic use of language is lost on most)

    This means that your employer may know already - or will find out very quickly when they do a bit of Googling once you hand the paperwork in. If you have told them that you did not volunteer it will be very obvious that you have lied to them. This then renders you open to dismissal for lying - I'm sure some HR guru can tell us the relevant phrase.

    Because you are dismissed for lying to your employer then the Army, SABRE, RFA 1996 will be no help at all. I mean, could you ever see your OC at the Industrial Tribunal saying "Oh yes, we asked <name> to lie to his employer so he could go" ?

    So BE HONEST. If that means you can't go then I'm afraid you're going to have to accept that or find a more accommodating employer. Not what you want to hear I know, but that's the way it is.
  14. yes mate you can ask to go then they tell youe employer that you got called up