Operational tour -what to take, leave behind?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by liverpains, Nov 14, 2007.

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  1. First let me start by saying if this post has been done before I can not find it but I think it could raise some important issues, and points!

    I have been in the T.A. for 3 years now and this is the first tour I will be going on.

    I am due to go out on Herrick 8 in April, but feel left in the dark about things I need to sort out (will, insurance etc) as my PSAO is not very forth coming. It seems I know more than him sometimes. :?

    The other advice I am after is what kit / personal comfort, entertainment I should be taking (and more importantly leaving behind).

    I have sort advice from friends who have been to Iraq on Telic 6 & 7 , they all say it will get sorted out at Chilwell, but I want to get everything sorted well in advance.

    Ok I may be flapping a little bit but as I don't already have kit and life insurance or a will I don't know how long they will take to organise. Or what the correct channels are to go through.

    I would be greatful for any advice
  2. chilwell old boy has a service for wills and insurance and its a slick operation so trust that part, as for what to take have your creature comforts for your comfy box, if you cant live without it then it goes in within reason, kit wise look to what youve needed in training dump the dross, again, as chilwell give you enough of the nice sandy coloured stuff to get along. there is a tesco at chilwell very well versed in kettles irons tvs etc if thats what you want. as for your PSAO hes NRPS mate probably been army since he could crawl never had the mobilisation process to go through or been versed in it so dont blame him for keeping mum. stay safe in the sand pit
  3. You will be able to sort your will and kit/life insurance out when you are at Chilwell, my advice would be to leave it until then. As for what kit to take, what role will you be doing and do you know yet where you will be based when you get out there?
  4. Mate, Chilwell will sort out kit insurance, life insurance and your will (provided you are not commissioned, officers are expected to sort out their own affairs, its no drama either way)

    Said this on a previous post, GO WITH THE FLOW - let the system take you through, if you start trying to second guess or anticipate you will not help Chilwell or yourself. The mobilisation process is now well established.

    Kit - you will be issued what you need. Minimise the gucci kit - I found I hardly used/needed any of it.

    Finally relax, you have till April. The most important think you can do in terms of admin is make sure that you have all your financial paperwork in place so that Chilwell can ensure you do not loose out income wise.

    Best of Luck, stay safe on the tour.


  5. Life insurance for those deploying has been in the news recently - owing to the costs of running the thing and the number of on-going payouts, the insurance companies have increased the premiums by a huge amount, and in some cases are insisting that the period of cover is significantly longer than you will need to cover you for a 6 month tour.

    The best advice would seem to be that, even though life insurance is available at RTMC, it will cost you far less if you take it out in advance BEFORE YOU GET YOUR LETTER. On my application (I've just switched mortgages) the question specifically asked, 'have you been warned off for service in the following areas...X, Y and Z?'; so long as you've not had a letter yet, then the honest answer is No, and your premium will be far smaller.

    PM me if you want the details of the chap who sold me the policy - very on-side bloke.
  6. I can echo the other posts here, let the system sort out the important bits but it is worth thinking about the less obvious things eg. try to get as many bills as poss on direct debit, will your cars tax/ mot run out half way through the tour- you may want to SORN it (you can do that on the web just before you go). Perhaps get internet banking organised, it can really help when you are out there.
    Ref kit, if the army dont give it to you you probably dont need it. Most of the stuff they dish out is at least ok and some of it is great.
    Get fit before you go and stay safe.
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    I have just been through the insurance thing and I will PM you.
  8. Bowmore_Assassin

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    Sorry, finger trouble hence you will find I have PM'd you twice ref insurance. Ignore the first one. I hope it helps.

    As for kit. Last time I went away I took far too much 'goodies' in a comfy box and did not touch a quarter of it. Also took to much spare clothing. What can you really not do without other than mil kit ? iPod ? Laptop (if you get downtime in a decent loc ?) ? Radio ? Books ? You cannot have enough t-shirts/socks/boxers or equivalent. Real basics: Spare torch (critical) - preferably a headtorch with ability to red/green light filter - always found that useful. Leatherman or gerber. Own 1st aid kit with tweezers for splinters ! Other than that, use common sense and lessen your load so you only carry what is truly necessary.

    You might want to work out what toiletries you are likely to use over six months and ensure you take enough in your kit & comfy box to last the tour - saves paying extortionate prices in the EFI due to the theiving gyppo b*stards who come up with the EFI pricing policy. Either that or get someone at home to send you a monthly batch of showergel, razor blades etc.

    Good luck.
  9. well said all and to reiterate internet banking is a god send in the sand pit can stave off all sorts of nasties
  10. What sort of internet facilities are there available. If I take a laptop will I have extensive wifi coverage in most places?
  11. wouldnt say extensive, but their are wi fi hotspots that the efi sets up so yes take wireless laptop a must
  12. A sense of humour and plenty of books. Pretty much everything else will be sorted out at Chilwell.
  13. The QM of the unit you are deploying with should have done a recce (or will be). He should be briefed by his opposite number as to what personal items are reccomended. Be aware that you are entitled to send an MFO box containing personal comforts. Advice should be sought ASP, from said QM.

    Hope this helps.... GOOD LUCK Fella.
  14. TOP TIP

    DO NOT put anything in MFO box that you are going to need immediately on entering theatre. It could be a while before you and MFO box are re-united. Also pack your Gucci knife/leatherman etc in your HOLD BAGGAGE, as the CRAB POLICE are instuctors at confiscation of such items that young Toms attach to their belts.
  15. Good luck mate.....