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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Salad_Fingers, Jul 12, 2005.

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  1. Well this is my first post here, so far I like what I see, I hate to break my Arrse cherry with a pay inquiry but such is life:) I'm just wondering what the pay scale is for a T.A private when he goes on operational tour? I've asked a few guys in my unit but the amount differs from person to person. I'm assuming this is due to the varying years of service between them but just to clarify how much could I (less than two years service) be expected to get paid if I went on Op Telic 7 or a 6 month tour of Afganistan?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Mate you would be on Pop Star Wages.
  3. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Depends on 2 things:

    A - What you earn (or rather spend) in Civvy Street Job and
    B - what you earn as a Soldier.

    If A is greater than B, you can get the difference made up.

    If B is greater than A, you're on Private's Pay, plus allowances = not lot.
  4. I was told (and I could be wrong) that your civvy salary is only matched if you're called up, rather than volunteer. If you choose to go on tour, then you get paid to what level you are (Class 3,2 or 1) and length of service.

    Same applies for returning to work, your employment doesn't have to keep you on if you opt on a campaign rather than have to go.
  5. That sounds about right if you're not eligible for compulsory mobilisation but go anyway. However, there is some debate over whether your job is covered if you volunteer for compulsory mobilisation (although you will get the extra money). The MoD would no doubt claim that you are but an employer who wished to fight it through a tribunal may well force a different decision. The problem is that no case law exists, the legislation would be interpreted as one part of a very complex body of employment law. If your chain of command says different then ask to see the legal advice they're basing it on. If they haven't got any then frankly they're not in a position to make that judgement. Personally I'd advise anyone put there not to volunteer if they want a job again afterwards - someone's got to be the first to get caught in the inadequate legislation in place at the moment and you don't want it to be you.
  6. Do you know for sure what the top up limit is? SABRE web site suggests £200k p.a. regardless of rank, but that's a bl**dy expensive Private if they call up some high-flying city type...
  7. I'm just a basic Squaddie, I'm not working at the moment. I'm wondering what sort of pay I'm looking at for a 6 month stint after tax, I've tried the MOD pay site but it only shows gross pay with varying amount for level 1,2,3, and 4. I qualified at Caterick earlier this year and I've done the follow on training so I'm assuming I'm Cat 2, however I'm not sure how much I'd be getting paid after tax, some of the guys mentioned you get paid for the 6 months on Ops plus two months paid leave, I'm not sure if this is the case for all deployments or not, could someone clarify? Cheers.
  8. Thats about right 6 months op plus just about 2months post op leave depends how much training you do before moblisation .
  9. If he isn't currently working, Salad_Fingers might consider registering as a full-time student on a course doing something (anything! Catering, Bricklaying, Plumbing, Applied Psychology!) at the local HE college, then deferred in order to be mobilized then he'd find that he would not be paying income tax for the duration, boosting his army pay by at least 25%.

    Not that I'd ever suggest such a mendacious tactic to avoid giving Gordon Brown even more money to spend on sweets and airfix kits, but that's how it works.

  10. Is that the case? I am a student already I've just deferred my final year at uni to go on Ops. Any one got a ball park figure on how much I'll earn?
  11. Salad_Fingers.....

    I presume that you get a pay statement every month from APC Glasgow. If not, ask your pay clerk for it, or you can check on the Army-Net (use your army number to register).

    The pay statement will show your current daily rate. Multiply this by however many days you expect to be mobilised for (you get paid every day including any "rest days" that you might be lucky enough to be given)

    You will also be entitled to a daily allowance for your overseas duty (not much, but useful all the same).

    You will also receive an immediate mobilisation bounty at the RTMC - cash in hand. Useful for getting drunk with before you go.

    I guess that the comments on employment protection and salary matching do not apply to you, but the student tax relief does. Make sure you point this out when your documentation is done at RTMC. You should not be paying any tax. Lucky bugger.

    Your pay is paid into your bank account monthly, but you will normally have a regular opportunity to draw money from clerks in theatre if you need it. That will then be deducted from the next months pay.

    For the benefit of others who are a little confused about the other stuff. Even if you volunteer, you are still fully protected. Whether you are called up or volunteer, you still receive the same certificate of mobilisation at RTMC. This is all the proof you need that you have been mobilised. When you volunteer, you should receive all of the same brown envelope contents as someone who won the mobilisation lottery (which is in fact, often down to your own units volunteering you on your behalf!!).

    My advice on volunteering. Keep it quiet (I know of a number of people on Telic who still manage to convince their other halves that they were compulsorily mobilised, when in fact, they had volunteered.) If you keep quiet, you will not get grief from you employer (or family for that matter). Make sure that whoever you approach to volunteer has enough integrity to keep quiet themeselves, and pass your request up the chain correctly.

    Hope this helps.
  12. Your pre-deployment training package should bring you up to grade 1 level, but you will need the system to recognise it.

    Of course your pre-deployment package may be a virtual self-paced computer thingy........
  13. "Even if you volunteer, you are still fully protected."

    Sorry to go on about it, but this may not be the case. The Reserve Forces legislation taken in isolation would imply that you are, and no doubt that is the official MoD position. However, greater minds than mine in this area have pointed out that other aspects of employment law may conflict with this. Does volunteering count as constructive dismissal as you have voluntarily left your job, for instance ?

    Should an employer sack a reservist who volunteers and use that line of argument as a defence it may or may not be accepted. If it is then it will have significant negative effects on the TA, if it isn't then we can all breathe easier.

    However, the soldier caught in the middle will have to put up with months, maybe a year or two of uncertainty and stress fighting this thing. The MoD will do nothing to help - unless they change their current policy. I submit that you do not wish to be that soldier so don't volunteer. Bear in mind that if you do volunteer but tell your employer you didn't and they find out they will probably have grounds to summarily dismiss you for gross misconduct - ie lying to them. And the RFA will be irrelevant.
  14. Cheers OOTS. Now youve worried me!

    Very good point that I hadnt thought of before. Anyone pestered SABRE to see what their view is?

    Mind you, I emailed them a month ago to ask whether bonuses were included in the new 'up to £200k' rules and havent heard back so I dont expect we'd have much luck from them.

    I think, hope, that my company would be supportive if I went away a second time. But OOTS's point has made me a little more wary for when we all get approached again in the near future.
  15. Hi there....the pay u get depends on what u earn in civvie st.....u will get the full x factor ,whatever ur TA rate of pay was ...multiply by 113 & divide by 105..that will tell u what your Reg equivalent wage should be...When u went thru RTMC , u would have produced your wages slips for your civi Job & TA....if you are up to Cpl , you will get matched upto £22,500 , anything beyond that , you will have to prove you will suffer financially ....On top of that you will get LSSA ...if u r a tour virgin , you will get the lower rate ...currently about £5.90 & thi sis applicable from the date you arrive in theatre.....any queries beyond this speak to your RAOWO