Operational tour - non trade-specific

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Cavalier, Sep 30, 2009.

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  1. What with the cut backs, downsizing, money saving (whatever you want to call it) exercise currently under way in the TA, with the aim of trimming off the dead wood, hangers on and bounty hunters, the TA is looking to mobilise more of its troops on Ops.

    The question is would you consider going on tour to do a job you wouldn’t usually do in your normal TA career? Such as a chef going out as a driver escort for the EOD? Sigs going to stag on at Bastion? Or REME going out to stack blankets?

    The OCE has jobs that clearly no one else wants to do and not trade-related but who would consider a tour that isn’t anything to do with previous trade training?

    There’s a buzz around my Unit and there’s a big interest in soldiers wanting to go on tour. I was talking with some of them and was surprised that they didn’t care what they did, they just wanted to get out there?
  2. I went as a clerk(pay) and ended up doing force protection and BQMS Sgts job
    not bad for a lcpl from an RA TA unit.
  3. I know a CPl Tech in the R.Sigs from 7 who went out and 'Ran the Sqn bar" I kid you not.

    And was he pissed of, leaving his misses behind for a second tour to achieve nowt.
  4. Went out on Telic 2 as a rad op but ended up mostly doing force protection in down town Basra.
    Most of the guys I went with (R SIGNALS) were employed out of trade.
  5. Yeah same with my unit, surprisingly hard to get on tour with an Inf unit atm as spaces are quickly taken.
  6. im R sigs and want to go on tour to afgan private class 3 rad op. wanted to know the chances of getting a posting. looking to deploy sept 2010. same story tho dont realy mind what i do just want to get out there.

    any one got any ideas
  7. I would be suprised if most didn't go in an unrelated job (less Inf)

    Its the nature of the beast that is Ops, even in the regs, I have NEVER been deployed anywhere in the role I was trained for, but for that to happen we would of needed a full red ivan invasion
  8. Not that we particularly wanted to be used out of trade mind you.
  9. Talk to your chain of command, get them to talk to Glasgow APC, CVHQ etc but don't hold your breath. It's not easy to get Signallers onto Ops since there are few openings for OR1-2s, unless in very specialised skill sets. Not impossible mind you, but difficult. :roll:

    Look at the OCE list on Army Net (its under MS Web) and look at the job descriptions on the same list via DII (you can't via ArmyNet). Positions are boarded ad hoc at Glasgow and to be considered you'll need to fill in a OCE Volunteers form and get it cleared and submitted by your CO/1st RO.

    Lastly, if you're serious about going on tour and are just a Signaller at present, then consider going regular since you'll be far more likely to get out on that basis.

    Most importantly keep your chain of command in the loop, if you do things off your own back without telling those who need to know, then you'll go nowhere and be fairly guaranteed to get a whole load of trouble heading your way!
  10. Perhaps you lot shouldn't have shite trades where the skills aren't required then.