operational tour leg overs

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by static-line-pimp, Aug 31, 2007.

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  1. we have all done it ,some of the girls /things/ its ..........have had nicknames some were in the strangest of places...............so spill all who's got the strangest person/place

    Op telic Alice the goon AKA the sangar Banger ,walked in on her being taken in the ricker by my oppo Basra terminal MND (SE) MT room

    scarred for life
  2. So you didn't do the decent thing and go twos-up?
  3. didn't know where one ended and the other began and he was big and hairy so that probably says it all......................
  4. he then did it again in paddington sangar ...........................about 5 ft from the biffa bins real quality geezer............
  5. Ah Sarajevo; the romantic sound of celebratory..nay ill-disciplined fire...in the background and landmines going off in the blazing paddock behind the Terme! I will always remember the night and the day three weeks later when the SO2 Provost tipped me the wink that the SIB might want to discuss lesbian rings in HQ ARRC with me - "no charges Cuddles, see yourself more as an expert witness..."

    First and last time a woman admitted to sleeping with me to save her reputation.
  6. So the ricker-action of which you speak isn't the 3 PARA variety? :D

  7. Roof of hotel opposite old basra airport JHF building whilst oppos watched with cws from building.
    Interupted by mortars funny as fcuk
  8. no he was doing here ricker fashion of 3 PARA fame more the angle of my approach I believe that caused the distress
  9. Granby, camp 4, banging a blonde, slightly lumpy nurse. took her in her room with her mate 'asleep' in the bunk below. Finished the deed, she goes off for a shower and her mate pops out from under the bed and tells me she's a lezzer!

    Turns out she just wanted a c0ck in her to take the heat off!

    Donna, if you're reading this, cheers for the sh@g.
  10. As for ricker action, i have heard a rumour of a certain SSM at 3 Div who was caught dictating to his civvy assistant over the desk. In 2-3 out. Any 2 Sqn lads (TrackLink & Mitch99) should know who this is!!
  11. Not really the same, but on Granby, i went to relieve, someone who shall remain nameless, on stag at stupid o clock. Imagine my surprise when i found said professional soldier burping his worm at a furious rate of knots. His arm was moving faster than a concert violinist. Needless to say i found the whole thing amusing and have kept shtuum until now.
  12. A certain female, who has since passed the commando course....
    was getting rattled in her portacabin in kosovo in 2000 so noisily it attracted a crowd of onlookers/pervs, myself included. :D
    The Op's O had an unusual spring in his step the next day.
    We were all very jealous :x
  13. I regularly have sex with my toms on operations. I always get them to shave their arrse first before i muff it though.
  14. 3 Para mortars?
  15. No. They're already shaved.