Operational supply chain brief - WTF?

Several NCO's at our unit are due to attend a CLM course shortly, so the powers that be have decided it would be a good idea to have a series of lessons as a form of preparation. The topic chosen for myself was 'Equipment Supply Chain on an Operational tour.' We have no limits on props, such as models or powerpoint, and have been given a free reign on how we wish to focus our lesson, either by using an example from previous conflicts, or just using a generic 'DS solution' outline.

I'm not averse to a bit of research, but have so far drawn blanks. Anything I find on the internet or DII related to Defence Supply Chains is purely aimed at the planning and coordination phase, which isn't what I wanted the focus to be about. (If I'm being honest, I don't understand all the management speak that much anyway). I'm more interested in constructing a lesson which features the actual route of distribution of the kit when it hits theatre, including supply to ships and forward locations.

I'm not very clued up in the world of supply and demand, and have only a general onlooker's understanding of the basic principles of ordering, storing, despatching and receiving kit. I don't really want to stand up in front of my CO and OC waffling a load of bollocks, and I only have a week to prepare and want this to be as convincing as I can.

I don't necessarily want to cut and paste someone else's lesson, but if anyone has any links to the type of information I'm after I'd be grateful. (Preferably with lots of pictures, for a bit of added bullshit :D )

Thanks in advance, SBM.
This is brilliant stuff guys cheers, exactly what I'm looking for. I'm reluctant to use other people's work directly, but it can't hurt to use it as a reference. Keep em coming!

We've been given a bit longer to do this now (mid july) so I'll be able to put together a decent presentation now I've got time.

Cheers all, much obliged. M2M, pm sent.

Have you tried talking to the school at Deepcut about this. I know from experience that they have a massive amount of stuff on the Supply Chain and in particular the deployed element, everything from personnel and unit strengths and roles to deployed Log IS systems. Most of it already in powerpoint format!!!

The man you want to speak to is either ****

Mod Edit: Can you PM the names/numbers plse rather than put them in open forum?



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