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Operational Service Medal for the Congo!!!!

Hi Guys, I`ve justed learned from Medal News Magazine, thats theres to be a new OSM, this time for the Congo on Op DROC. Allegedly this medal with have clasp DROC. It also states that the OSM, has been issued for Afganistan and Sierra Leone, claiming that these medals are issued with the relevant clasps, I`ve seen the Afgan one, but the SL examples I`ve seen didn`t have the clasp is this a new development? I also believe that the Afgan medal is issued with out clasp was well with a rosette like the South Atlantic Medal, I`ve not seen any examples of this can anyone confirm this for me?
This link gives the details of the OSM for DRC:

OSM for Congo

You are right - no clasp for Sierra Leone.

The OSM for Afghanistan has the rosette for wear on the ribbon when ribbon only is worn - but only if you have the medal with clasp.
Cheers barbs, can I just clarify that it is possible to get the OSM for Afgan with & without clasp?

Thanks ever so much for all your other info. I thought I was right about the OSM SL, been awared without clasp. The Congo issue makes nice addition to this medal, I`m sure you`ll agree.

I think that issuing a seperate medal for each campaign (maybe going down the same road as the American`s), however when your not wearing your medals, with the old GSM, you could have had two or three clasps for it, but there was no way of telling, no I think the new medal is a positve thing. I only wished they`d issued it instead of those naff NATO/UN medals that we got when I was in the army!!!!!!
Filbert Fox said:
antiwar said:
Cheers barbs, can I just clarify that it is possible to get the OSM for Afgan with & without clasp?
you get one or the other but not both.
Cheers FF, I assume that the different issues relate to the various ops? Bit of a bummer if you did the rossette one and the clasp one, but only got the rossette. Is this medal still being awarded for the current ops out there or have we moved onto the NATO medal yet. Talking of NATO medals, is it try that there one for Iraq now to?
Interesting smoe of the guys I`ve spoken to who were out there claim to wear the rossette on the ribbon, like with the South Atlantic Medal, is this nonsense? I`ve been surprised at the amount of squaddies, who have now idea about there medals, the classic is the ACSM, which they think they`ll get for NATO tours.
The south atlantic medal is the exception to the rule as no clasp was issued and the rosette signifies that the wearer was there during the fighting phase.

I saw a guardsman gripped by his badgeman for wearing both the clasp and rosette on his medal ribbon at the remembrance church parade last November.

It has been in an article in Soldier magazine that NATO and UN tours do not and will not count towards the ACSM.

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