Operational Ration Packs

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by paulrobz, Feb 28, 2007.

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  1. Hey,
    Can someone tell me what the 'K' menus are for?

    I know:
    A-G = GP
    S1-3 - Sikh/Hindu
    H1-3 = Halal (Muslim/Islam)
    V1-3 = Veggy
    P1-4 = Patrol (Dehydrated)
    K1-3 = ????? NOT A CLUE ??????/

  2. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

  3. cheers, that seems most logical
  4. Does anyone know a vegetarian soldier?
  5. Quite a few...none of the WRACs at Chattenden would eat my Pork Roll when I offered it to 'em!!
  6. I knew a Hindu soldier who LOVED bacon.

    "I can't get this at home" he said.
  7. Yep, the rats in a veg box have some superior contents like the replacement for the paté. The rest is sht though.
  8. Most Hindus can eat pork etc.

    Now, as for the look on a certain Indian student's face when the finer details of the ingredients of a hamburger were explained to him- that was a sight I will take with me to my grave.
  9. I remember most vegies being WRACs...

    Normally ones who were always trying to lose weight, and used the vegi line to basically starve themselves to death.

    Oh, the tears when they were told to eat their sausages and bacon or else.... (On Ex early '90s).
  10. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    I had young girls passing out on the third, fourth day on Ex. On investigation, it would come out they havent eaten for 2 days!

    "I dont like the ORP, I dont like what the slops are dishing up!"

    I doubt if things have changed!
  11. The veggie rat packs are pretty good...I always try and demand a mix of normal and veggie for my section when on ex as the curries in em are fantastic....
  12. Can any bored storeman detail for our pleasure what you get in the various ration packs?

    I remember going from the tinned individual compo rations (A-D, not much variety and we only ever used to get the same two) to the boil in bag ones that were a lot better but the sundries were rubbish, tea powder and coffee whitener instead of tea bags and milk powder.

    Remember the old arctic packs? Dehydrated mince and peas. Never managed to turn them into anything decent.

    Found a tin of snake and pygmy pudding the other day!
  13. General Purpose
    Letter - Breakfast - Main Meal - Dessert
    A- Hamburger & Beans- Chicken, Mushrooms & Pasta - Treacle Pudding
    B - Corned Beef Hash - Beef Stew & Dumplings - Chocolate Pudding in Chocolate Sauce
    C - Sausage & Beans - Lamb Stew with Potatoes - Fruit Dumplings & Custard Sauce
    D - Corned Beef Hash - Pork Casserole - Treacle Pudding
    E - Bacon & Beans - Lancashire Hotpot - Fruit Dumplings & Custard Sauce
    F - Beefburger & Beans - Steak & Vegetables with Potatoes - Rice Pudding
    G - Meatballs & Pasta in Tomato Sauce - Chicken Stew & Dumplings - Chocolate Pudding in Chocolate Sauce

    Menu Letter - Breakfast - Main Meal - Pudding
    V1 - Non Meat Sausage & Beans - Vegetable Tikka Masala - Treacle Pudding
    V2- Non Meat Burger & Beans - Pasta, Mushrooms and Sweetcorn - Chocolate Pudding in Chocolate Sauce
    V3 - Potato & Beans - Spicy Vegetable Rigatoni - Rice Pudding

    Menu Letter - Breakfast - Main Meal - Pudding
    S1 - Meat Free Sausage & Beans - Vegetable Tikka Masala - Treacle Pudding
    S2 - Meat Free Mini Burger & Beans - Vegetable Chilli - Chocolate Pudding in Chocolate Sauce
    S3 - Meat Free Sausage & Beans - Vegetable Casserole - Rice Pudding

    Halal (Islam)
    Menu Letter - Breakfast - Main Meal - Pudding
    H1 - Meat Free Sausage & Beans - Chicken Casserole - Treacle Pudding
    H2 - Meat Free Mini Burger & Beans - Steak & Vegetables - Chocolate Pudding in Chocolate Sauce
    H3 - Meat Free Sausage & Beans - Lamb Stew - Rice Pudding

    Kosher (Jewish)
    Menu Letter - Breakfast - Main Meal - Pudding
    K1- Turkey Sausage & beans - Beef Casserole with Dumplings - Chocolate Sponge
    K2 - Burger & Beans - Salami with Pasta in Tomato Sauce - Lemon Sponge & Lemon Sauce
    K3 - Sliced Salami in Tomato Sauce - Lancashire Hotpot - Apple Strudel in Syrup

    Patrol (Dehydrated)
    Menu Letter - Breakfast - Main Meal - Pudding
    P1 - Hot Cereal Start - Potato and Beef with Herbs - Rice Pudding with Apple & Cinnamon
    P2 - Instant Oats & Apple Flakes - Pasta Carbonara - Chocolate Chip Pudding
    P3 - Hot Cereal Start - Chicken Balti - Apple with Custard
    P4 - Instant Oats & Apple Flakes - Chicken with Noodles - Peach & Pineapple Pudding
    Oatmeal Block
    Instant Oat Cereal (CC Only)
    Fruit Biscuits
    Brown Biscuits
    Cheese Spread
    Meate Pate
    Boiled Sweets
    Kendal Mintcake (HC only)

    Chocolate Drink, Beverage Whitener,
    Sugar, Tea, Coffee, Stock Drink
    and Orange or Lemon
    Drink (Both flavours issues with HC)

    Chewing Gum, Weatherproof Matches
    Paper Tissues
    Water Purification Tablets.
  14. And the most telling thing about that is that the foil pouch is labelled "Chicken Pasta Mush".

    Never was a truer word...
  15. Baby's Head. I've just come over all nostaligic - and hungry!