Operational Pocket Book

Army Code for "Survive to Fight" = 64358
Army Code for "BCDT" = 71638

Not sure of TAM NSN, I know you can get these inserts separately thought.
I'll have a butchers tomorrow, although being 'a bit' green, I dont keep my TAM at home :wink:

And, there is a new BCDT aide-memoir out in April.
A new Aid-Memoire in April? I'm half way through my BCD Course (BFAT and BCD Update weren't enough to keep me up-to-date) but they've not mentioned that...

Cheers - that NSN would be useful.

Great im after the NSN of TAMS FOLDERS for the following:

-Double Binded folder (Complete TAMS)

-Single Binded folder (Memoires)

I got the AC numbers for AATAMs, Infantry Handbook, BCD memoire, and CBRN and ready to order, just nothing to put them in!

PLEASE HELP ! (and yes ive searched forums already!)
New Aide Memoire is being printed in April.

I have a Aide-memoire style BLS flowchart in PDF format if anyone wants it - PM me!

Still need the NSN for the TAM if anyone has it!

Apprently if you order AATAMs, Infantry Handbook, BCD memoire, and CBRN they come ready in the folder, will order some next week and find out!

i keep yeh posted!
I ordered AC71770 AATAMs which COMES WITH the Double Arch A6 Folder.

With that you then put in AC71757 Inf Pocket book which makes up your TAMs!

Job done at last!

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