Operational Pay?

Hi, general question here for those who have recently deployed to Afghanistan.

I have heard many of you save your money whilst there... what would you say is the average amount of money a soldier will have saved on their
return to the UK?



is that all that matters?

Edited to add: Why, are you a Banker seeking easy prey for Hedge-fonds investors?
It depends what your outgoings are. If you 're single and don't hav any debt then you should be able to save every single penny you earn, plus your OA.
35 percent.

I just made that up.
How long is a piece of string ?
The chicken or the egg ?
Although you need to remember that the PAYD in theatre is really expensive because of the transport costs involved.
There are soldiers who will take gadgets with them, others will shop in the PX to get one just like it. Some people wont want that gadget butsave for a Ford RS nutter bastard that the first soldier doesnt own or insure.

I think it is a silly question.


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