Operational Mental Health course at BCDM

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by psychobabble, Dec 1, 2006.

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  1. I'm an RMN in TA and I've been told I'm going on this course mid-end Feb, prior to Herrick. Sounds interesting and my RNO mentioned something about an academic component.

    Has anyone been on this course and can tell me what the academic bit is? An essay I presume, but don't know. Any other info, hints, tips etc gratefully received!
  2. Degree in Military Nursing - one module of.

    Operational Mental Health - 5 days at RCDM Birmingham then essay to hand in

    Ill get fuller details for you when Im back at work next week.

    the degree is open to Regs and TA alike - but your Unit will have to agree to pay the costs for you to attend
  3. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, and sleep :sleepy:
  4. BP2Z is essentially correct Psychobabble, although you don't need to do the assignment unless you want to i.e. you plan on taking the degree or want the academic credits (I think its about 12 at lvl 6).

    The Op Mental Health course is becoming a bit of a 'must do' for TA MH staff due to deploy. It's a pretty relaxed affair overall as it's all in civvies and in a civvy university. Some of it is teaching granny to suck eggs as it caters for general nurses as well as MH one. There is some useful stuff in the week though. If my memory serves me correctly, you cover psychological incident managment and a TRIM intro, PTSD, risk management in Op areas and substance misuse (also related to role). There is also a presentation from a TA MH person about their own deployment.

    Hopes it helps prepare you for the tour! With luck I'll be out there not long after you!
  5. Do remember that the course is designed by university staff so the need to know/what the educators think you need to know ratio needs to be factored in. Best advice, get yourself a placement in a decent DCMH like Catterick or Donnington where the quality staff with clinical currency and recent operational experience will fill you in (so to speak).

    No - I don't work in Catterick or Donnington DCMH!

  6. The latest clinical governance info I got states that TA MH Staff need to do the Op Mental Health Course and an attachment to a DCMH before being considered fit to deploy.

    Having done the course (and deployed) I think it's good value as there were a lot of outside speakers and the content was generally useful.