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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Sam3212, Jun 8, 2012.

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  1. Hello all,

    I'm a young officer in an infantry regiment and have a question about operational medicals.

    I passed out from Sandhurst in October last year and am progressing well (if I say so myself) and have a strong desire to get my arse on tour before peace breaks out in Afghan.

    I get intermittent migraine and have been given some medication for it BUT I realised this is a bar for operations. I realise very few army doctors will be on here but it's worth the ask:

    If I were to get a procedure that would outright stop migraine and stop being on the potions the doctor has given me would I be fit for for deployment or would I have to wait the full 2 years needed to be headache-free?

    I'd appreciate serious answers only please and no "you shouldn't be in the forces fullstop you STAB hat" - I only started getting them badly recently.


  2. I'm no doctor so can not answer your query directly but you state you have migraines. These type of headaches are classed as primary headaches. Headaches without a particular cause so an operation would not relieve the symptoms. If the headaches were caused by a particular abnormality these would be classed as secondary headaches and migraines don't come into this category. If you have been diagnosed with suffering from migraines then pain control is generally the only option. On the other hand other harmless, but undoubtably disabling, headaches can manifest as a migraine. Without knowing your or your history or who diagnoised you I would not like to speculate. Feel free to PM me if you want further clarification or if you want to discuss your case further but be aware my medical scope as a Paramedic is limited but I do have a specialist interest in headache medicine.
  3. Sam,

    Agreed with Flecheflyer.

    What do you mean by intermittent? How bad do they get? What medication? Prophylactic or symptomatic? Has it been confirmed by your GP? Have they referred you to a neurologist? What are your triggers if any? Need a lot more information.

    There's no hard and fast rules on migraines in JSP 346. Currently undergoing treatment means it would be very unlikely you would be classed as fit for ops. There's no specific treatment you can undergo to get rid of the migraines. There are some good remedies listed here:- Migraine Treatment

    From what you've said, if you were to attend your op medical now you'd be lucky to get away with a P3. Had you had the migraines before joining you would have been P8. The best I think you could currently hope for is probably fit for limited deployment within PJHQ and not going beyond the wire.

    Feel free to PM bearing in mind I'm a fairly infrequent vistor.
  4. Thanks for the responses. The more and more I have to suffer fat, arrogant civvie tw*ts in my full-time career the more I just want to get my arse out there.

    Does anyone know of the army medical board contact details? I can't seem to find them online. Thanks.
  5. Er, I'm not aware of any "procedures" that cure migraines so I think your up the wrong tree there