Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by welldai, May 20, 2009.

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  1. Here is a thought to ponder.

    The immediate follow up to Op GRANBY (Gulw War 1) was supported by a small ellement of UK troops, based in Kuwait, who assisted in getting all the War supplys (that wasnt sold to the Kuwaities) onto the boats and returned to the UK. All thye Hardwear, such as Tanks, Arty, etc was all accounted for and shipped back to the UK/Germany. The guys who supported this Op were not given an Op GRANBY Medal but a GSM with Kuwait bar. Fair enough as, although they were not involved in any fighting, they were involved in the important task of the draw down.

    The Dilemma.

    Op TELIC has now finished, however there are approx 1000+ troops left in the COB/Kuwait who are facilitating a much larger draw down than that in 1991. These guys have been told there is no medal being issued for this tour.

    The Question.

    Why not give them the GSM with Kuwait bar? The threat (ableit, a small one) still exists. They are in direct support of Op TELIC (all be it the draw down). They are saving the MOD millions by correctly accounting for, and returning our war stock to UK or Afgahnistan.

    Before anyone jumps up and accuses me of medal collecting, I already have GSM, GW1 and TELIC. I Just think that if they have already set a presedence in 1991 by issuing a GSM and bar, why not do the same now?

    Serious answers only please.
  2. GSM 1962 is obsolete is it not?
  3. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Because the option to award the GSM no longer exists.

    The options would be the Telic medal or an OSM. If Telic is deemed finished, and the task is merely(!) the logistic draw down from that, then the Telic medal may not be deemed appropriate.

    I doubt they are going to produce a new ribbon for the OSM just for a relatively brief logistic task.
  4. Why should they? What about the guys who stagged on in the Falklands after the conflict or the guys who garrisoned Germany after VE day? They didn't get medals.
  5. They were probably all too pissed to care though.
  6. Again, i am not being defensive, because i am not a loggie, but to suggest that the work being done is "a relatively brief logistic task" is a little naive. The draw down started back in Jan and is expected to last until Nov!

    GSM can still be issued if a bar already exists for it, as in this case it does.

    Full details can be read at the following link:-

  7. [​IMG]
    Gimmee Gimme Gimme
  8. Just because HMTQ doesn't feel the need to approve the award doesn't mean you can't just go out and buy one anyway. It's all the rage these days. See the back pages of Soldier magazine for more details.
  9. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    "Award of any new Clasps to the GSM was discontinued on 31 December 1999 on the introduction of the new Operational Service Medal (OSM) on 1 January 2000. However, while Northern Ireland continues to be a qualifying area for the GSM, the GSM with Clasp will continue to be awarded provided the requisite service has been completed. The award of the Clasp 'Air Operations Iraq', which had been issued since 1991, ended on 30 April 2003."


    GSM with clasp no longer issed for Norther Ireland, Air Ops Iraq not relevant and no longer issued and award of new clasps discontinued in Dec 1999.

    If you are going to cite a page in defence of your argument, try and make sure it actually defends it!
  10. Do the RN and RM still get the telic medal for training the navy in Basra and guarding the oil platforms?
  11. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    It was a shame having new clasps issued was discontinued, I was all for having "Fourth Afghan War" and "Mesopotamia" on the GSM instead of the Herrick and Telic gongs.
  12. For what exactly? For being in a friendly country packing up kit for an operation that has finished elsewhere!
  13. Has the Telic medal been discontinued completely now then or do (for example) the RN still qualify for it?
  14. Back in the day when regardless of theatre/tours only a GSM was awarded with a clasp (bar) denoting operational theatre there were many (to those who worried about such things) injustices. Some units for example stationed in Singapore (now there was a posting) who also completed Borneo tours received the clasp 'Malay Peninsula' (and didn't deploy) as well as the clasp 'Borneo'
    Units training for operations in Borneo at JWS in Kota Tinggi (actually IN the Malay Peninsula) did not. Some units who served in the Radfan and were awarded the clasp did not also receive the clasp S.Arabia some did.

    As 5A pointed out those who stagged on in the FI immediately after the war there didn't qualify for the SA medal. Why should they have done? Though the Pioneer Det who were tasked with exhuming our dead and preparing them for repatriation/reburial should have received some form of recognition perhaps.

    Hey why not just enjoy Kuwait - aren't there still such perks as LOA and Field Conditions? Though as skintboymike pointed out those who feel they really really EARNED a medal for packing kit in a non operational zone can always buy one!!!
  15. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I was under the impression that the medal is the 'Iraq Medal' for service in Iraq not the TELIC Medal for service on Op TELIC. Therefore I do not see why anyone on continued OPps in Iraq would not continue to qualify - but I'm not an expert.

    BTB I thought there were still bods trg local plod etc