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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by evertonluke, Nov 25, 2008.

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  1. I have been asked to give a current Operational Intelligence summary covering Iraq and Afghanistan, needs to be about twenty to thirty minutes.
    Has anyone done similar recently? My current Unit does not have an Int Cell of sorts and I don't want the brief to consist solely of what I have taken off the civy net.. any thoughts on how I should tackle this would be much appreciated. Hope this is in the right place as well....
  2. You could try your Brigade G2 Cell... Or failing that your regional MI Company.
  3. Get onto DII , then look at the BBC intelligence briefing.
  4. whereabouts are you?
  5. Depending on your units role and position Ring Land G2, the DIS SITCEN or PJHQ J2 - they can provide you with more material than you know what to do with at the right level.
  6. Thanks for the contributions so far, I am at Middle Wallop.
    DIS Sitcen sounds good...
  7. or you could pop down the road to bulford and ply one of those nice int corps chap with copious amounts of beer. plenty of them who might be willing to help. even if you are a toffee :)
  8. You wouldn't happen to know any of those nice Int Corps chaps would you???
  9. Allow me to move this to the lair in question :D
  10. Luke

    If all else fails then PM me with an email address and I can send you some POCs via formal channels.
  11. Sir, or Madam,

    My advice would be to contact your nearest Iranian embassy- they will provide you you with a full sit rep.

    Col.Cuckoo ( The Dentist).
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  13. Luke......................................

    I am your father!
  14. or alternatively the cleaning dept, SouthWest trains at Paddington station.
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