Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by BRAINDRAIN, Sep 21, 2005.

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  1. Good to see a RAMC Cpl got a MiD in the latest Op Hons list. Remarkably I believe he was recommended by an RAMC Officer, although that may be propaganda ! I appreciate we have covered this ground numerous times before, however hopefully this may open the flood gates - yeah right !
  2. Well done that man, but, the last RAMC person who got a MiD in GW1 was for bringing in some Iraq's, who were apparently surrendering at the time.(Alegedly). Then again that is only hearsay.
  3. I see a TA half Colonel got a QCVS for being CO of a TA unit on Telic. Having been there with him, i cant actually think of anything else he would have got it for!!
  4. Not unusual unfortunately, every othe arm does it, I suppose we have joined in at that level at least !
  5. shame really as there were 1 or 2 ORs (a TA Cpl in particular who I put forward, paperwork apparently didnt make it past Matron!!) who really deserved recognition for their hard work and dedication.
  6. The JNCO in question no doubt deserved the MiD and perhaps more. His actions were brave, in full knowledge of the danger involved. He was written up - along with several others by an RAMC offr (I know this because I've spoken to him about it).

    Finally, the TA QCVS was a full Col, CO from the previous TELIC.
  7. I think that you have the wrong bloke there, he was a Cpl with 256 and he was written up for the sheer hard work and commitment that he put in prior to the deployment and whilst on Telic 4a.
    I have been in contact with his unit back in London and no-one there even knew about it, which makes me think that the it only got as far as the person that i gave it to in the HMC on my last day in Iraq.
    The Col in question for the QCVS was the CO on said Telic 4a, a nice bloke but was illusive to say the least, but i also know that he did sterling stuff on Telic 1, took a while for that one to come!!
  8. No...definitely got the right one which is as I have described earlier. The Cpl ( from 5 GS Med Regt) in question has seen DG, been on TV and recieved a letter from Jacko et al. Once again a well deserved honour for a particularly brave soldier and able medic.
  9. nope, the one i wrote up was a TA Cpl CMT from 256 who in civvi life is an ODO, ran the CSSD (turned it round from a sack of shite into a smooth working dept) and worked in theatres even though it wasnt why he was there, came in at all times of day and night to circulate for emergencies (and on 4a there were a lot of those!!) and at the end of the case took all instrument sets back to CSSD, washed them, repacked and sterilised them (worked through the night and would still be in on time in the morning and do a full day), worked nonstop for the whole tour.
    Prior to deployment he took time to go into his NHS hospitals TSSU to see how the job is done, legislation etc......
    Great bloke, Brian if youre still reading ARRSE, you deserved something more than an Iraq medal for that tour mate, even if it was just a Commanders commendation!!
  10. It was an RAMC officer who nominated Said medic who is a regular soldier now at 12 Sqn in Swanton Mortury, but was a BLM comander on Telic 5.
  11. Bulletdodger u Wa***r - what about OPSEC (no names remember!!!!!!!!!)
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  13. You have the ability to Edit your own messages b___D...
  14. Fixed sorry once again, although info I posted is widely available from all good news sources, so was not breaking any security. But point taken.