Operational Honours

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by TheKnave, Sep 24, 2010.

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  1. daywalker

    daywalker LE Reviewer

    I know a few of the names on that list and the story behind their awards, all i can say is that they are rightly deserved. Good work H.
  2. Well done all. Just watching Ian Fortune DFC on the BEEB wearing his grow bag. Did he fly to TV Centre or was he worried about the shame of wearing white socks and plastic shoes?
  3. What a surprise, the pilot gets the majority of the airtime and we couldn't even be bothered to get him to wear proper uniform rather a set of overalls. This is a well deserved award, but I fear this is merely another opportunity for the RAF's PR department to over expose the story like they did with Michelle Goodman. Heaven forfend that any of the CGCs get interviewed or anyone focusses on the RAMC's two MCs and QGM.
  4. Genuine question no offence intended but in the current op spectrum, how did a Lt/Col win an MC?
  5. Without compromising too much PERSEC, he is a newly promoted Lt Col and was a Maj when he won the MC.
  6. Cheers I did think it was a tad unusual
  7. I thought it was a DSO for Major and above? Or is that old school WW1 rules?


    Edit - Forgot to add. Well done to all who earned an award - look forward to seeing some of the citations.
  8. The DSO is for "services", the MC is for gallantry.

    I salute each and every one of the award recipients - congratulations and thank you.
  9. I've just seen a bloke told not ten minutes ago that he got a MiD but he's not on the list.

    Hmmm strange.
  10. DSO more for leadership these days, though technically for 'meritorious or distinguished service'.


    MC is the 'tier 3' award for individual acts of gallantry (below VC and CGC).

  11. If you follow that line of argument, why are the rest of them wearing dezzies? Not a lot of sand in Central London last time I looked.

    Congrats to one and all though!
  12. It's also very sobering to read how many of the recipients were KIA.
  13. Are the citations in full available to read online?
  14. Congratulations to all recipients, especially those going back to the Palace for a second time. Good to see some YOs being recognized for their efforts.

    A lot of names that could have gone on the list – aren’t we getting a little stingy with some of these awards – only 5 blokes out of 10,000 got the MBE??

    What is the distinction between the OBE and DSO. Seems to me that the criteria for the DSO is that you have to be the CO of a battle group that sustained a lot of casualties, if not that many casualties, you get the OBE and if you are the CO of the OMLT, ya get zip.

    TA – nil. Is it the roles they are in or do they just get forgotten about as the coach leaves Brize for Chilwell?