Operational Honours Sep 2011

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by ashford_old_school, Sep 30, 2011.

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  1. Well done all. Can tell I'm getting on a bit when I trained one of the recipients of a more "senior" award...
  2. A hearty congratulations to all concerned.

    Just a query though, when did it stop becoming the norm for Commanding Officers not to be awarded a DSO following a succesful operational tour?
  3. Well done - couple of blokes lining up for CGS!

    TA seem a bit light again - 4% of the awards ( not gongs either), I presume it is because they are not in command roles or key staff roles?

    Is this a true reflection of the TA's contribution in theatre?
  4. Probably not a fully true reflection of the TA's contribution but more a reflection on who does the write ups.
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  5. Good to see a few Jocks in there, including this one...

    Private Joweli Vakalalavanua TOLUTINIKAONO, The Royal Regiment of Scotland

    Must be a West Coast clan name ;)
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  6. Well deserved,well done to all.....
  7. I think he's from the Islands.
  8. New Hebrides, perhaps?

    Congratulations to all concerned.
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  9. Reb,

    HS and I are working on your citation now, we aim to get it to the Adjt of 49 MI Bn (PARA) (V) by the end of next week.

    ( It's actually Whiskeybreath, but he is also forward-deployed at the moment << on v marginal comms>>)

    The draft needs a bit more work,we only have the word "outstanding" in 11 times at the moment, that will only get you a US award IIRC.

  10. ...only ... marginal ...because supplied ...your...lot .. ..showe ..f ...stards...
  11. After your call to our helpdesk on 16th August,we rang your procurment department in Montreal, Quebec, to point out that they had not elected to take the parts of the contract we offered with user / maintainer training, software mainatainace and upgrades, 24/7 support, the recommended business continuity upgrades, second line spares and repairs package.

    Their answerphone message told us that they were closed until Bastille day. We have just phoned them this afternoon and they have cleared the email backlog as far as 13me Août.
  12. The use of the term "stellar reputation" often works but in my case it's more "reputed to be on Stella".
  13. DON'T get HS started on the drying rooms again !!

    ( Stella was in Squad 59 IIRC?)
  14. Quite honestly I have no idea who was in which squad, I rely heavily on HS for matters historical.