Operational Honours List

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by GazPilot, Jul 19, 2007.

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  1. 2 MC's and 2 DFC's. Well Done All.

    link should work..

    Honours List
  2. Good work to the gentlemen in question - and just a quick browse of that page shows a very largeshowing from the Royal Marines, so good work on their part too.
  3. Oh, and you missed this Gentleman:

    Major Alan William BARBONE Army Air Corps

    He has been awarded the Bronze Star by the USA. (Scroll to the bottom of the page)
  4. Both of the two AAC MCs fully deserved considering the action.

    Outstanding effort chaps, truly a credit to the Corps and indeed the forces.

    Well done chaps, should be a while before you have to buy a beer in the mess...... no change for spuggy the round dodging shirker :D
  5. Apparently it's "Keith" now that he's moved down south!

    Just kidding spugs..now get the feckin beers in
  6. Keith is such a stiff name, like colin or vince or rod

    Now he has an MC he shoul;d change to something a bit more ally..... like Pancho or Vangaurd
  7. Well done to all. I take it the AAC awards are for the Apache rescue?