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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by green_slime, Sep 24, 2010.

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  1. My congratulations to all those honoured in the recent list, I am sure they all are highly deserving.

    Am I alone to notice that none of our brethren are included? Whilst I appreciate most are generated from courage shown in the face of danger, as we are in a COIN operation surely those who prevent insurgent activity from occurring should be recognised?

    I am aware of the excellent and ground breaking work that was conducted on H 11 by members of the int community (not just green hats) and I thought one or two names might appear.

    I am sure some will see this as a whine, but I am attempting to raise an interesting point.
  2. Didn't take long did it?
  3. With the greatest of respect, I do think you are whining over nothing. A good few QCVS have been awarded to deserving Corps' bods over the last few years. Likewise the odd OBE and MBE here and there - although these are usually the realm of the old boys network, a few notable exceptions exist and rightly so. To expect VCs, GCs, MMs and the like is asking a bit much, given the competition. There are many, many names put into the hat for these type of honour and save for a few 'right place, right time, right RO' examples, they are doled out to the most deserving.
  4. I am not expecting the gallantry medals to be awarded inappropriately, but the last time we were doing COIN properly (OP BANNER) then be balance was very different.

    I think this is a reflection of the emphasis that we still are placing on kinetic operations when all the strategy is passed on influence.
  5. There were 3 commendations awarded for H11 to our Coprs personnel. Surely that sort of recognition is cognisant with our type of work in theatre.
  6. Am I being even more cynical than normal or is anyone else not surprised that every single recipient of DSO's, OBE's & MBE's on the list is, yet again, an officer. Maybe its something that they need if they want to progress up to the dizzy heights. Or, as someone has already mentioned, its the old boys network looking after their friends and proteges again?

    Okay, Rant over.....
  7. The DSO and OBE are normally only to officers so until the powers that be change it we are stuck with only officers getting them, however the MBE is open to all ranks. I think it has already been mentioned that to go places a nice operational award is almost a pre requisite for bigger and better things, that however is not to say that they didn't earn them. In fact well done to all of them, and to those who should have got something but didn't . Thats war!
  8. You'll find this topic is one that another of our brethren has adopted as his raison d'etre in Soldier Magazine. Both you and he have a point though.

    I think you'll find the OBE is open to non-officers. GSM London District got one not so long ago. The DSO, however, seems to be dolled out for no reason other than for a CO commanding his Bn on Ops. Inf cpls don't get gongs for commanding their sects, so why should a lt col get one for commanding his unit?
  9. What went wrong? That was after the cows.................
  10. Just to be clear before anything gets out of hand, I'm not begrudging anyone anything - especially as I've not read any of the citations. But it is good to see that I'm not the only one to wonder why it is that certain awards; OBE, MBE, DSO seem to be the exclusive preserve of officers.

    Op_Int_and_Spy, I read the articles in Soldier Magazine that you've referred to and the author had a valid point.
  11. ah, Soldier magazine. who amongst us does not enjoy reading the letters each month, wondering what the answer will be?

    i don't know if there was an error on the website this month or what, but i found this particular answer more "Roger Irrelevant" than most:


    think the editor owes the brig an apology...
  12. Well, the DSO is not specifically for officers: "Since 1993, its award has been restricted solely for distinguished service (i.e. leadership and command by any rank), with the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross being introduced as the second highest award for gallantry. It has, however, thus far only been awarded to senior officers as before." That said, the sort of thing it rewards tends to be the preserve of mid-ranking and senior officers, lowlife get MCs and CGCs.
  13. Operational Honours and Awards List: 24 September 2010

    A total of 130 members of the Armed Forces have received honours and awards in the Operational Honours List dated today, 24 September 2010.

    The full list, which recognises service on operations in Afghanistan and national operations for the period 1 October 2009 to 31 March 2010, and also includes one civilian, is below.


    Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE)

    Lieutenant Colonel Henry Robert Downing FULLERTON, The Life Guards
    Lieutenant Colonel Nicholas John LOCK, The Royal Welsh

    Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE)

    Major Christopher David DAVIES, The Royal Anglian Regiment
    Major Timothy John HARRIS, The Rifles
    Major Patrick Simon REEHAL, The Royal Logistic Corps
    Major Richard Giles STREATFEILD, The Rifles
    Major Toby Patrick Oughtred TILL, Coldstream Guards

    Distinguished Service Order (DSO)

    Brigadier James Michael COWAN, OBE late The Royal Regiment of Scotland
    Colonel Harry Arthur Blair HOLT, OBE late Irish Guards
    Lieutenant Colonel Nicholas Jan KITSON, The Rifles
    Lieutenant Colonel Charles Roland Vincent WALKER, Grenadier Guards

    Conspicuous Gallantry Cross (CGC)

    Sergeant Robert TURNER, Royal Marines
    Captain Robin Edwin Geoffrey BOURNE–TAYLOR, The Life Guards
    Corporal Lee BROWNSON, The Rifles, (Killed in action)
    Lance Corporal Graham Stuart HORN, The Parachute Regiment
    Lance Corporal James Lee McKIE, The Rifles
    British and Afghan soldiers

    Military Cross (MC)

    Major Nigel John Powell SOMERVILLE, MBE Royal Marines
    Sergeant Richard Edward WISEMAN, Royal Marines
    Acting Colour Sergeant Paul Edward BAINES, Coldstream Guards
    Acting Corporal Sarah Louise BUSHBYE, Royal Army Medical Corps
    Lieutenant Douglas Anthony Keith DALZELL, Coldstream Guards, (Killed in action)
    Lance Corporal Daniel John FLETCHER, Royal Army Medical Corps
    Corporal Ricky Paul FURGUSSON, The Rifles
    Sergeant Ashley Robert HILL, The Royal Anglian Regiment
    Rifleman Harry LANCELEY, The Rifles, (discharged)
    Lieutenant Colin William LUNN, The Yorkshire Regiment
    Lieutenant Colonel Angus Donald MACGILLIVRAY, The Royal Regiment of Scotland
    Lance Corporal Marc Anthony READER, Coldstream Guards
    Corporal George Finau SALE, The Royal Welsh
    Lieutenant Craig Angus SHEPHARD, Grenadier Guards
    Sergeant Adam Charles SWIFT, Coldstream Guards
    Lance Corporal Andrew WARDLE, The Yorkshire Regiment
    Corporal David Thomas WILLIAMS, The Royal Welsh
    Staff Sergeant Gareth David WOOD, The Royal Logistic Corps

    Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC)

    Flight Lieutenant Ian Anthony FORTUNE, Royal Air Force
    Flight Lieutenant Andrew Michael NETHAWAY, Royal Air Force
    Flight Lieutenant Timothy Richard POLLARD, Royal Air Force

    George Medal (GM)

    Acting Warrant Officer Class 2 Karl John Fairfax LEY, The Royal Logistic Corps

    Queen's Gallantry Medal (QGM)

    Private Callum John BROTHERSTON, The Royal Regiment of Scotland
    Corporal John Alexander HARDMAN, The Yorkshire Regiment
    Lance Corporal Julie Elizabeth MAY, Royal Army Medical Corps
    Corporal Robert Alan NEALEY, The Royal Logistic Corps
    Rifleman Ross David ROBINSON, The Rifles, (since deceased)
    Sergeant John Arthur SWITHENBANK, The Yorkshire Regiment
    Rifleman Reece William Stevenson TERRY, The Rifles

    Mention in Despatches (MiD)

    Marine Tobias GUTTERIDGE, Royal Marines
    Guardsman Emmanuel ATTUQUAYEFIO, Grenadier Guards
    Lance Corporal Lee Colum BLAKE, The Parachute Regiment
    Lance Corporal Nikotimo BOLATAGANE, The Yorkshire Regiment
    Lance Corporal Daniel Colin James BRAMLEY, Grenadier Guards
    Lieutenant Simon Mark BROOMFIELD, The Royal Anglian Regiment
    Corporal Daryl Alan BRYANT, The Rifles
    Guardsman Lewis Nigel COULBERT, Grenadier Guards
    Colour Sergeant Christopher Stephen Mark DUNDON, The Royal Welsh
    Captain Hugo James Edward FARMER, CGC, The Parachute Regiment
    Sergeant Paul Maurice FOX, Corps of Royal Engineers, (Killed in action)
    Lance Bombardier Craig FROGGETT, Royal Regiment of Artillery
    Lance Sergeant David Marc Eric GREENHALGH, Grenadier Guards, (Killed in action)
    Corporal Paul Michael GEORGE, The Royal Welsh
    Lieutenant Stephen James HEALEY, The Royal Welsh
    Sergeant Paul Andrew HOWARD, Royal Tank Regiment
    Lieutenant Richard David HUTTON, Grenadier Guards
    Warrant Officer Class 2 Patrick HYDE, The Rifles
    Lance Corporal Alexander David John JONES, The Royal Welsh
    Corporal Steven Wayne MARTIN, The Rifles
    Staff Sergeant Brian McINTYRE, The Royal Logistic Corps
    Captain Andrew Donald MICHAEL, The Rifles
    Lance Sergeant Nathan Joseph OWEN, Coldstream Guards
    Lance Sergeant William Edward PATES, Coldstream Guards
    Acting Colour Sergeant Quintin Benjamin POLL, The Parachute Regiment
    Lance Corporal David John RADBAND, The Parachute Regiment
    Staff Sergeant Gareth Desmond REID, The Royal Logistic Corps
    Acting Corporal Liam Matthew RILEY, The Yorkshire Regiment (Killed in action)
    Major Stuart Roderick SMITH, The Royal Anglian Regiment
    Corporal Daniel SPRUCE, The Royal Logistic Corps
    Lance Corporal Alan Robert TAYLOR, The Royal Anglian Regiment
    Corporal Robert James TORDOFF, Corps of Royal Engineers
    Rifleman Mark TURNER, The Rifles (Killed in action)
    Acting Sergeant Ryan James VICKERY, The Royal Anglian Regiment
    Lance Sergeant Mathew James WALLIS, Coldstream Guards
    Corporal Ryan Joseph WALTON, The Duke of Lancaster's Regiment
    Lieutenant Charles Edward Rufus WINSTANLEY, The Rifles
    Senior Aircraftman Johnathon Tony FREEMAN, Royal Air Force

    Queen's Commendation for Bravery (QCB)

    Corporal George BURGESS, Royal Marines
    Colour Sergeant Mark Stuart KNOWLES, Royal Marines
    Warrant Officer Class 2 Andrew David GOODWIN, The Royal Logistic Corps
    Lance Corporal Jamie HASTIE, The Yorkshire Regiment
    Rifleman Peter Leslie Matthew MATTHEWS, The Rifles
    Second Lieutenant Connor Neil Heriot MAXWELL, The Rifles
    Rifleman Daniel Vincent NICKSON, The Rifles
    Captain Daniel READ, The Royal Logistic Corps (Killed in action)
    Rifleman Gareth Edward SUTHERLAND, The Rifles
    Rifleman Aselemo Kokoidabuli VETANIBUA, The Rifles
    Lance Sergeant David WALKER, Scots Guards (Killed in action)
    Staff Sergeant Paul Thomas John WRIGHT, Corps of Royal Engineers

    Queen's Commendation for Bravery in the Air (QCBA)

    Flight Lieutenant Alexander Nicholas Riddell TOWNSEND, Royal Air Force

    Queen's Commendation for Valuable Service (QCVS)

    Chaplain to the Forces 3rd Class, Reverend James William AITCHISON, Royal Army Chaplains' Department
    Major Ash Giles ALEXANDER–COOPER, The Royal Gurkha Rifles
    Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Timothy George BAZELEY, Corps of Royal Engineers
    Lieutenant Daniel James BENSTEAD, The Royal Anglian Regiment
    Acting Lieutenant Colonel James Maurice Hannan BOWDER, MBE Grenadier Guards
    Major Oliver Charles Christopher BROWN, The Royal Anglian Regiment
    Sergeant Frederick John GOODING, Corps of Royal Engineers
    Acting Sergeant Pritabahadur GURUNG, The Queen's Own Gurkha Logistic Regiment
    Sergeant Nicholas HARRINGTON, The Parachute Regiment
    Lieutenant Colonel Richard Alexander HEAD, MC The Rifles
    Sapper Johnathan Robert HORNER, Corps of Royal Engineers
    Second Lieutenant Philip Robert Anthony LENTHALL, The Royal Anglian Regiment
    Surgeon Lieutenant Colonel Jeremy Hart LEWIN, Royal Army Medical Corps
    Captain Jonathan Paul NOLAN, Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Corps, Territorial Army
    Captain David John POLLOCK, Royal Tank Regiment
    Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Michael ROE, The Yorkshire Regiment
    Warrant Officer Class 2 Justin Terence Gordon SEARLE, Royal Regiment of Artillery
    Major James Andrew SEDDON, Grenadier Guards
    Major Graeme Crichton WEARMOUTH, The Royal Regiment of Scotland
    Air Commodore Stuart David ATHA, DSO Royal Air Force
    Squadron Leader Daniel Joseph ENDRUWEIT, Royal Air Force
    Acting Group Captain Alan Kenneth GILLESPIE, Royal Air Force
    Constable Amanda HENDERSON, Ministry of Defence Police


    Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE)

    Captain Nigel Anthony JONES, Royal Fleet Auxiliary

    Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE)

    Sergeant Philip John CARR, Scots Guards

    Queen's Commendation for Bravery (QCB)

    Corporal Calvin James COULTER, The Parachute Regiment
    Lance Corporal Jamie Martyn TAYLOR, The Royal Logistic Corps

    Queen's Commendation for Valuable Service (QCVS)

    Commodore Timothy Miles LOWE, Royal Navy
    Corporal Andrew Steven BURROWS, Royal Corps of Signals
    Corporal Marc David KEECH, Royal Corps of Signals
    Warrant Officer Class 2 Peter Joseph LINDSAY, Army Air Corps


    Air Force Cross (AFC)

    Flight Sergeant Anthony Richard DAVEY, Royal Air Force

    Queen's Gallantry Medal (QGM)

    Petty Officer Aircrewman Dian Jonathan LACY, Royal Navy

    Queen's Commendation for Bravery in the Air (QCBA)

    Corporal Carl Michael BOOTH, Royal Air Force

    Queen's Commendation for Valuable Service (QCVS)

    Lieutenant Gary McCALL, Royal Navy

    Each award thoroughly deserved and many others who equally deserve recognition not on the list this time.