Operational Honours & Awards List; 22 March 2013

The Corps has done rather well this time around:


For those who'd rather not trawl through the entire list, congratulations are due to the following:


Cpl Kyle Alexanders - QCVS
Cpl Edward O'Brien - QCVS
Maj Simon Puxley - QCVS

Rest of the World

WO2 Neal Harrison - MBE
Cpl Donald Dolamore - QCVS

Having served on Op HERRICK 16, I can certainly vouch for how hard Cpl Alexanders & Maj Puxley worked and how deserved the awards are. I can certainly see Maj P sat in the big chair at Kiwi Bks in a few years time.....

I am aware of two other Int Corps personnel who were notified of awards today, but aren't named on the list published
on the MoD website - equal congratulations go to ALL members of the Corps honoured today.
It's MPAR time! Is he writing yours?

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