Operational Honours And Awards

BBC Radio4 "Broadcasting House" this morning, reviewed the newspapers, as usual. One reviewer mentioned that now, of all the recommendations, only a significantly smaller number were actually approved/awarded.

I’ll try and find/post a LINK, but the (serious) reviewer suggested that the number of recommendations for medals reflected how badly the war/conflict was going - and, that No10 - wanting to play down any negative connotations - is now refusing to approve as many awards (proportionally) as it has done previously.

Edited to add: Listen to Saul David, review this particular item at 0944hrs (44:24).


Broadcasting House review of The Sunday Newspapers on 8th March 2009 said:
Reviewing the Sunday papers this week were David Suchet, the actor who is celebrating 20 years of playing Detective Hercule Poirot. Lynne Franks, is the businesswoman who ran her own PR firm, and then set up SEED an organisation designed to encourage women leaders and entrepreneurs. And Saul David is an historian, and as a fictional author, has a new novel, Zulu Hart, set during the Zulu war.

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