Operational Honours and Awards 19 Mar 2010

2 x RAMC girls got awards, 1 x MiD 1 x QCB, well done ladies.

How nails is this bloke, awarded a MC to add to his CGC:

Warrant Officer Class 2 Mathew Robert TOMLINSON, CGC Royal Marines
is it a one army list or didn't any TA get awards?

edited to add: Bloody well done to all recipients
MC for Maj Jo Butterfill... beers are on you 'Jolly Tall'
congratulations to Tim Radford...hope you're a better Brigadier than you were a fly-half! Just kidding, I'm sure you must be a better Brigadier...no one could be that bad at two things in life!
Well done Yorkshire's Cavalry - Bar to Distinguished Service Order (DSO)

Lieutenant Colonel Angus George Costeker FAIR, DSO, The Light Dragoons


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Well done all. Quite a few LD's picked up there, well done.

It says 1 civvie picked up as well, but I can't find who that was.
Interesting article in The Times:

A salute to those who didn’t get their medal
Stuart Tootal said:
On June 4, 2006, a young private soldier of mine put himself in clear view of the enemy with a light anti-tank launcher balanced on his shoulder to engage a Taleban position. Minutes before he had been hit by a bullet that struck and ignited the magazines on his chest, but he ignored the rounds that cracked in the air around him; he wanted to make sure the rocket he was about to fire counted — and it did. But the paratrooper in question received no medal for the obvious risk he took; when asked about his bravery he simply replied that he was doing his job.

That this individual was not decorated says much about the exceptional nature of the acts of courage recognised by the awards made to more than 150 British servicemen and women of 19 Light Brigade yesterday. But they reflect not only the gallantry of the individual recipients, but also the collective bravery and self-sacrifice of UK troops in Afghanistan as a whole. The award of two George Crosses, six Conspicuous Gallantry Crosses (second only to the Victoria Cross), 16 Military Crosses and a host of other medals is testimony to the nature and intensity of the fighting last summer in which 81 members of the UK-led task force died...
The whole medal process is a mystery to me.I have recommended several soldiers for awards,who displayed very considerable courage.However only 2 of them,were subsequently awarded.That having been said,the recent Honours seem to have been thoroughly deserved.Stu Tootal's article expresses the present state of Awards very well.However,at the end of the day,the blokes know who did what-and that's what matters above all.

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