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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Danny_Dravot, Dec 26, 2006.

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  1. Is this too cheap a shot, but has anybody else noticed that CDS doesn't have any operational medals?

    Maybe a couple of back-to-backers over the festive period would put things into perspective for him?
  2. Goon

    Appreciate this is the NAAFI but I think you're being a tad harsh. Bear in mind that up until 1990 (by which time he was already a gp capt (thats a full col 8 :wink: )) about the only op medal most people had the opportunity to win/wear were either the Falklands or the GSM(NI). Granted since then op medals have become more frequent a quick glance at his CV (and no, I'm not his PSO or ADC or house manager!) would suggest :

    ...he served on loan with the Sultan of Oman’s Air Force, operating Strikemasters in the Dhofar War (in which I believe some of "them" may have been on the ground at the time) [and not being a medal spotter would suggest that the two medals he has that sit to the right of his GJM would be campaign medals from Dhofar)

    ...and was from September 2001 to January 2002 UK National Contingent Commander and Senior British Military Advisor to CINCUSCENTCOM for Operation VERITAS, the UK’s contribution to the United States led Operation ENDURING FREEDOM in Afghanistan.

    Has also commanded operational forces at other levels but at some distance! Not everyone had the opportunity to have 5 different wars (if you include Bosnia, Kosovo and NI) in which to gain op medals from by the age they were 28!

    Bollox, I bit! :roll:
  3. My brother in law has 8 medals (1990 to 2002) and has never had had a bullet fired at him in anger.

    Fair play to the bloke he doesn't walt it around.
  4. Plus - being shot at is a highly over-rated experience! He has however, gongs aside, had the boll0x to speak his mind whilst still drawing his money as his main income. That makes him an OK guy and maybe he should be awarded an OTT - Order of the Terrible Truth.
  5. Can someone pm with the meaning of CDS?
  6. Chief of the Defence Staff, Head of all 3 Services

    And there was a photo in Soldier of who i think was Field Marshal Inge, with all 4 of his medals, one of which was a GSM NI, and both Jubilee Medals, with one I can't recall.
  7. Sir Jock Stirrup now has five medals

    KCB (Knighthood), AFC, Golden Jubilee and two I cant recognise
  8. GCB -Order of the Bath (Military)
    AFC-Air Force Cross
    ADC-Aide de Camp to her Majesty
    DSc-Doctor of Science
    FRAeS-Fellow Royal Aeronautical Society
    FCMI -Fellow Chartered Manager Institute
  9. I think i am being a bit harsh and talking sh!te generally...

    ...but there were also GSM/OSM awards for:
    Mine Clearance Gulf
    N. Iraq & S. Turkey
    Air Operations Iraq
    Sierra Leone,
    Democratic Republic of Congo

    and no less than 10 NATO/UN commitments during this time...plenty of time to get out on the ground with CBA & a wpn.

    That said i once knew a big timer who had legitimately earned 4 op-gongs and had never set foot in an op theatre...but he was attached to the RAF for most of that time.
  10. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    Reminds me of a story about a pilot talking to the tower at a major German airport, asking about landing clearance, taxiing routes etc. Tower asks him if he has ever visited before, to which he replies, "Yes in 1944, but I didn't stop."
  11. The last two you can't recognise are the GSM Sultan Quaboos and the Midalit Al-Sumood which he most definitely earned flying CAS operations in Dhofar in the '70s. Well ally!