Operational effectivness on a driving ban?

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by slick84, Jun 24, 2007.

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  1. I've just landed myself a 12 month driving ban for being over the limit on leave.
    I'm due to go back to iraq in november, can i still command my 432? Also does anyone know the punishment i'm facing back ay my unit?

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  2. I hope to God that you didn't hurt anyone during your stupid acts. May your punishment be swift and robust so as to serve as an example to others that such reckless behaviour is not to be tolerated.
  3. You need a full driving license and an FMT to command so no you wont be able to. Dont know what punishment you will get but if your for example your a Lance Jack and you get bust then you cant command at all even when your ban is up.

    High horse time - dont drink and drive.... you knob
  4. You can't be trusted to handle a car LEGALLY and safely yet you still have the dimwitted idea that you should be left in charge of a 15 ton panzer !!!

    I hope you get swift justice, being a knob drink driver and bringing the army into disrepute.

    By posting on this site i also guess you are a medic......you haven't had to clear up at a Fatal RTC yet then have you !!!!!

    medders out.
  5. ... and what the feck would you know about it?

    oh sh1t - forgot you'rea DMI !!

  6. now you have no licence, you cant command

    if you cant command, youre gonna cost your sqn dearly, cos someone else is gonna have to do your job instead of you.

    so - your sqn publish part one orders, they mention periodically about drinking and driving. Its gonna cost you stripes and beer tokens - lots of them, because your stupidity has had an impact on the operational effectiveness of the sqn.

    Bde Comd wont be a happy camper, let alone your Sqn OC, or your Regt CO

    slick drills slick
  7. Am rather suprised that you forgot i have the 'honour' of being an FV god seeing as you colluded with the Fat Ex-Monkey that put me on it......

    but I'm not bitter! B'stard :wink:
  8. 'My 432'... 'My 432'!!!! It's your DMI's 432 and dont you forget it... and that goes to all of you. Do the cse and you can have the pleasure... :D
  9. oh - someones having withdrawl symptoms

    just nip down to Halfords and sniff a few oils!!
  10. its all gone quiet on the slick front,

    do we think hes got the message?