Operational DROPS replacement.

Discussion in 'RLC' started by CH512O, May 12, 2008.

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  1. When do I get mine so is there a place for kipping in the back,BV and 12volt power point what other decent stuff does it have?

  2. Kipping in the back...emm no. Sorry, but not enough room after all the other important stuff is in.
    12 volt point...emm, no. Wasnt asked for so didnt get.
    BV...emm no, well yes. You cant call it a BV (H&S and all that). Its called a CV Cooking Vessel.
    Other things...air con, cruise control, GPS and some other stuff.
  3. CH5120 you really do have one of the best jobs in the ARMY's transport side of things, ive seen your posts of you testing many types of vehicle. Now, Who do i have to knock off to get into this vehicle testing marlarkey?

    Serious note tho, the new truck looks very good. Bet it comes with a nice price tag too. 8O
  4. I get ripped in my trade for dong all this as im not a Driver. I was brought onto SV project 3 years ago as a "current equipment operator" (UBRE TTF) during a meeting at one of the civvy firms building SV variant.
    Since then i have attended Project Management meetings, both Safety Committee and Technical. Attend periodic HQ DRLC Working Group meetings on SV. Took Tiff Needell in a SV when he was filming the SV Unit DVD. Taken some MP's and Journalists around various test tracks. And been given loads of free gifts!! All recorded of course!
    It has been a fluke that im doing all this SV stuff and if you knew my "main" job it has feck all to do with SV!
    Im posted in July to the Shot, but im still doing SV stuff there as my role is following me so to speak.
    As for price, if you have to ask you cannot afford, but look at £100k plus!
  5. Bollox looks like it's back to running wire off the battery's again :roll:
    Wasnt DROPS around £180 K per wagon?
  6. £100,000 !!! EACH !!! as in, per SINGLE vehicle !!!

    For that sort of cash there better be somewhere for me to plug my MP3 player into...

    And a cool box for my sarnies... etc... etc...

    100k is a shed load of money to spend on a vehicle, you think its worth it?

    What features does it have against IED attack?
  7. The cost of modern military specifications and standards.
  8. As instinct said, thats how much modern mil technology costs these days. The HX version is the "cheap" version, if we had specc'd for the SX one then even Gordon Brown would be opening his wallet!
    But when you think of it, a modern artic tractor unit that you see on civvy roads can cost up to £100k fully specc'd.
    As for IED attack and amount of features.....loads! :wink:
  9. CH59876543578O, you get ripped for dong things that aren't your job. Once you start dong your job, then people will stop ripping you for not dong it. On a personal note, I am not dong my job either and am dong all I can to get back to dong my job. You feckin donger!

    PS hope all is well at sturts pet depot. :D :D :D
  10. If you're Driver trade, forget it, the job is far too important :wink:
  11. Im getting ready to hand over to the man from Millwall!
    Im in your neck of the woods tomorrow but not that close to visit! Hamburg and Frankfurt to be precise, back in Sturts on Fri.

    As for doing my job...thank feck im not or i would be joining Sturts years ago! :wink:
  12. Have a weisbeir on me.......you're paying though!:)
  13. If you think when you get to the shot you will be doing driver thingies think again matey boy as you will be standing in for me while i do all my resettlement !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. LOL, speak to your new OC on that one!!

    As for your Resettlement, now your older dont you move on from Sheep to Rams?!!! Baaaaa :wink: