Operational Deployments for combat units after 2014?!

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by BlackStonePanda, Jan 9, 2012.

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  1. Hi guys, sorry if this a bone question but with being most of the way through my application i just have one burning question which my AFCO are vague on. My question is this:

    "After 2014, when all British forces are supposed to be out of Afghanistan( Those in a combat role at least). What will be the most likely deployments for serving 'combat' soldiers, be it RA, Infantry, RAC etc etc??"

    I know some of you are gonna think i'm some walter war horse who can't wait to go out to pasture. I assure you this is not the case. I have no urgent desire to be taken away from my kids, other than frankly the operational pay and bonuses are an attractive addition to the standard £17k. As i'm sure they are to anyone in the current climate.
    The reason i ask is that when i get in and by the time i get to battalion, it could already be 2013. I know 1 R Anglian are deploying this year, and therefore the chances of them doing another tour the following year would be slim, particularly with operations slowing down. I'm basically asking if we're not in Afghanistan, what would i be doing as in infantry soldier in (used loosely) peace time... Just having a horrible image of signing up, getting to battalion and then being a glorified security guard for the duration of my service. Apologies if this has been asked before.

    I'm expecting some incoming, so have at it, but theres no such thing as a stupid question....right... :eye:

    Thanks in Advance

  2. Sennybridge...
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  3. Stagging on during Cold, shitty, wet and windy days and nights surrounded by welsh people?!? Where do i sign :p
  4. Well there is always Canada, Kenya, USA etc if extra pay is what you are after, to be fair the pay in the army is not bad, and it doesn't take long to climb up those increment levels either. Saying that though Afghan did put an extra 10k in my pocket last year...
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  5. The world is in the grip of one of the worst financial crisis' its ever known. There's going to be plenty more wars soon enough, worry not.
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  6. I agree completely, read the papers just to see who's next in line. Leaning towards Pakistan at the minute. Its pretty convenient at the moment. Wouldn't have to move far etc :/

    STN thats my point 10k is a lot of cash these days, the best part of what i earn a year currently!! How do you get deployments in US or Canada? Are they a short posting or fully accompanied kind of deal?! Not sure how it works with battalions and moving around and postings etc :(
  7. There may be plenty more wars on the horizon, but with the way the Army is leaning towards future force, if you chose to only serve your minimum time you'll probably get out having gone nowhere, that's not deriding your choice of
    regiment that's just an advice to be patient if deployment is what your after.
  8. Be careful what you wish for....................
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  9. The country is too "skint" for another conflict
  10. Don't join the Army (or indeed any of hte Armed Forces) then...
  11. I see your point but i meant taken away as in permanently, killed, dead, dodo'd :D
  12. Same answer applies then. It is what you might consider a high risk profession.
  13. Patience it'll have to be then cos i wanna do my full service. Ask me that in 4 years and i may think differently :/ and i suppose not being deployed right away isn't a huge deal, being as its important for me to be in R Anglian to carry on family tradition.
  14. I know the risks, and it hasn't stopped me applying to start with or persisting with my training. Rewards don't come without the risk and being that statistically your more likely to be killed in the UK why not. Not joining isn't an option.
  15. Not wishing to sound overly pessimistic but:

    Assume that you are going to die, possibly very soon. Make plans to ensure your family are well looked after in the evnt of your death and make your will. Ensure that there is an easily accessible (to the right people) record of all your policies and accounts. Once you have done that you can get on with living life to the full with one less worry.

    This advice applies to anyone but is particularly pertinent to those who chose a dangerous career path.
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