Operational Deployment Pay Issue

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by AgentOrange, Apr 8, 2006.

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    Is it right that a Battery can retrade to a new discipline, ie, STA to enable it to deploy on operations in Iraq and be denied the higher rate of pay that these trades demand for the time when deployed in theatre. Let me expand on this subject:

    When doing the course it was suggested by TDTRA to exclude the TOs that had been covered by previous strike/acs courses done by the battery thus cutting down the training time required to get this battery operationally ready for Iraq. The STA courses in question are higher rate of pay (if you are in the STA regiment) and this was always in doubt whether we would be getting it either for the whole tour or permanantly as we all qualified to the same levels as the STA regiment.
  2. I was at Arty Centre when one of the Btys (possibly yours) went from AD to MLRS to STA in the space of about 4 months I think in order to go on Telic. I think all the toms did at least L3 then the DC's did L4 too! This was after retrading to the launchers. I'm not sure if the pay was given but in my opinion it damn well should have been. Respect!