Operational deaths - speculation and rumour on social media

AFF (Army Families Federation) have been made aware of speculation and rumour on social media, particularly Facebook, regarding operational deaths and asks families to refrain from the temptation of rumour mongering. AFF recognise that families feel particularly vulnerable when their soldier is deployed and that the need for fast accurate information is paramount but this should not be at the expense of others.
Families should be assured that the MOD has a highly efficient system in place to notify the next of kin and families of those injured or killed in action. AFF ask that families and soldiers do not use social media to speculate as to the identity of those involved. We can best support each other by limiting discussion of ‘who it is’ until the name has been officially released by the MOD through national media outlets.
Speculation as to the identity of the soldier involved on sites such as Facebook and texting each other can only lead to misinformation and further worry for those families whose soldier is currently deployed.
For further information regarding the process of notification please see the link below or ask your Unit Welfare Officer for a copy of the Army Families Deployment Guide.

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