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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by tiggerT, Jul 24, 2012.

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  1. right, i have been looking on armynet at this OCE spreadsheet, and nothing seems to come up unless you are ranked sgt or above? is there another list of op tours for the private stab or am i just being impatient or totally missing the point? cheers
  2. Get well soon x
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  3. Impatient

    haha ooops
  4. Unless you get yourself on H18 I doubt you will get a tour anytime soon. Speak to your PSAO Asap if you want to goto Afghan or you will miss the opportunity. Are you Infantry?
  5. No not infantry, royal signals. yea i gave my CV in last week to my troop commander and they are going to try getting me on a ECM trawl in feb 13. but i would like to see if there is anything else out there for my rank? as im easy for most jobs...driving/hgv ect. thanks for the help
  6. You can get on these on acting rank.
  7. sory what do you mean by this?
  8. Yep H18 is the last TA will be on, you better get your skates on
  9. Which Signal Regt are you?

    Munch Me
  10. So no trawls for H19 then
  11. I'm on H17 as OCE and I'm having a brilliant time. I would even put this above uni in the 90s and say that I'm having a bigger laugh now than ever.

    Hope this helps.

    PS try RAOL* on army net.

    *correct me if that's wrong.
  12. Means you get be acting Sgt if not substansive.
  13. can be acting i meant
  14. so i can apply for jobs even thouh i am not the rank stated?
  15. You can, but its normal to be one rank below - not a pte applying for a sgt post.

    Who says no TA on H19?

    Or just wait for Syria.