Operational Commitments Establish (OCE)

Just been looking at Reserve Assignments Ops List and noticed this at the top of the list...

I've not heard of this before, anyone know if this is similar to RAOL list???

Just seen a couple of posts I'd be interested in ... so expecting bubble bursting posts but heh ho
From the MS website: Volunteers from the TA and Regular Reserve are actively encouraged to apply and will be considered for each post alongside their regular counterparts. Applicants should volunteer not later than 3 weeks prior to the board as a guideline.

Medically downgraded personnel may apply, and their applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis according to the specific conditions in each theatre.

All personnel serving at least 5½ months in one of these appointments will now receive an AD1 SJAR or OJAR rather than a Detachment Insert Slip, reference to Short Tour Reporting Guide at Related Links.

APC will now consider extensions in non-routine posts on return from operational service where a post has had to be 'gapped'.

Where an individual is going on operations at the end of a routine tour, APC will endeavour to inform individuals of their subsequent post before they deploy.

For soldiers, a bespoke Board called the No 7 Board will now consider selections on a regular basis:


24 Nov 10 for posts up to Jun 11
3 Mar 11 for posts up to Oct 11
2 Jun 11 for posts up to Jan 12
15 Sept 11 for posts up to Apr 12

POC is WO1 Johnson 01412 242796
Lots an' lots of interesting posts on there, have applied for a slack handful.
Lots an' lots of interesting posts on there, have applied for a slack handful.
Good luck - I applied for a few which were boarded last week. When I rang up to check on the process I was told I'd been using the wrong list (the OCE excel sheet on the MS reserves website) and the next board is in January, so perhaps would I like to apply again using the right list?

Glasgow have been singularly unable to appreciate the different circumstances TA bods have to deal with (if I'm going to sign up for a twelve month tour, a job description might be useful) and the MS website requires qualifications in adminese to navigate through.
There are two lists on the MS site. The OCE List has all the posts available and says which No.7 board they will be considered on. The No.7 Board Jobs List has the posts being considered on the next board and has links to the job descriptions (unfortunately the links don't seem to work).
There are two separate spreadsheets, I lucked on the second one which has a sheet labelled 'Guidance' which shows you how to use them, the remainder have a 'remarks' which when opened gives all the info on the post, quals req'd etc. The other one I found sounds like the one you did, bugger all good except to tell you what's available. I also rang the POC ......ansaphone!

JD has faster fingers
May be the case that the ORs list has got an indication of when it's been boarded, but the No 5 list hasn't
This is on the list I have been told not to use (OCE list on root of MS reserves) as they are jobs currently filled rather than need filling.

The POC is on leave until Monday. Whoever designed the MS website needs downsizing.

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