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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by ExSigsRA, Feb 21, 2012.

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  1. What is the operational commitment that someone gives to the TA and what is the likelihood of them being sent on operations if they are attending University?

    I have someone I work with bumping their gums about it but I wasn't sure so thought I would ask here.

  2. So why didn't you head over to the Army website instead of asking a bunch of never served tits, various people who failed Phase 1, "wives of," Walts and fat PCSOs?

    (I'm none of those categories. I'm a Valhalla-bound warrior.)
  3. University NO.

    a University education but you can't use the search function :)
  4. Which University?
  5. Shit the bed. Do these peoples RRTTs tell them nothing? Its almost as if they want the piss ripping out of them.....

    Google is your friend, cock-jockey. If you cant work the internet, how the **** did you get your head around batco (unless exsig means you woked for British Rail or some shit like that)

    Just punch gum bumper in the Kidneys so he pisses blood for a fortnight. Wont help the situation, but at least someone will bleed.........
  6. Isnt it amazing you ask a simple question, that you think someone could answer for you, Its a simple question that would be very simple to answer, but instead they want to slag you off in your inability to use a search function on the internet, or go and speak to the RTC.

    A simple question aimed at simple people, perhaps the question was to hard! Or perhaps, they just like to slag people off on here because they don't understand the questions posed and just don't want to help, Cheers Cock Jockeys!!!

    Thanks "Waitout" that was all I was after.
  7. As a student you can't be deployed